Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I know the fact that,

I know that my course is integrated. Thus, I need to study hard. Real hard.
I know that I have to score and pass for this final exam. Or else, I have to sit for remedial exam.
I know that remedial exam would be damn hell difficult. So, I don't want to sit for remedial exam.
I know that if someone failed remedial exam, he/she will repeat the whole year. He/She does not want that.

I know that today was my first time went to KLIA. But, I prefer Changi Airport, Singapore more.
I know that I am not a bias. Eventhough my dad is a Singaporean.

I know that Shah Alam's taxi driver do not know how to drive safely.
I know that the taxi fares from Shah Alam train station to Section 2, Shah Alam costed RM20.
I know that we had been cheated by an Indian taxi driver.
I know it's too much.

I know that all degree students will have their final semester holiday until this September.
I know that my batch will have our final semester holiday only until this July.
I know that they (the upper party of the faculty) will prepare a four-weeks module during August.
I know that they will not allow us to have our 'happiness-and-forgets-the-world' holiday.

Nani is smiling happily and heavenly in the roti-land.

P/S: I know the fact that I owned a Mentholatum Sunplay Skin Aqua BB Cream today!!

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