Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pressure February!

Yes, I didn't update my blog a few days ago. For your information, my holidays ain't the same with other students. My Chinese New Year holiday is my study week. Damn, man. What study week? Preparation for mid-semester examination. I know, some of you don't have this mid-sem exam. But, my course do. And typically, I want to study of course. Duh? I don't want to repeat the same hell mistakes that I'd done. Last minutes study. I don't want to 'achieve' fail again. Pfff.

When will my mid-semester break be?
It's on 9th February until 20th February. Yes, my holiday isn't the same with other students. Obviously, I don't have hangout-with-friends activity during this becoming holiday. Well, at least I will have some break from studies and same routine, wouldn't I?

Oh, my!
Pimples are everywhere. PMS, obviously. Do you know one of PMS is difficulty in concentration and memorizing? Heck yeah, that's the problem I am facing right now :(

Peeps, take note!
As we all know February got only 28 days. And, for February, maybe there's only 3 posts from me? Because, my home, got no internet connection. Thus, clearly I will not updating my freaking lame blog.

And lastly,
This becoming 7th and 8th February is my exam day. I hope I can do my very damn best. I really really hope I can do my best. Eh, did I repeat that twice? Oh, I AM DESPERATELY WANNA DO MY BEST. Got that? Please pray for me, dear friends? Amin.

P/S: My grammar is so bad. Thus, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

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  1. btw,im not freakos..haha..all the best..i noe u can do it..forget bout the really hard n answer all the question correctly as much as u can n leave the rest to Allah..go nani!!!
    ummi ainaa will pray for u!!:)


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