Friday, January 21, 2011

Report Presentation.

Now, I'm free from assignment, reports and presentation. (For the time being) Actually, PBSM and Ethnic Relation presentation are not even prepared yet. Pff.
So this morning, my partner and I had a 20 minutes presentation on title 'Candidiasis and Oral Health'. Yes, this is the one that I kept complaining to you about. For your information, I had actually done an A4 paper-full-with-text script. If I present spontaneously, my English will be mixed with Malay. There will be, "blah,blah,blah, -lah", "like that, lah, like this lah". Okay, what the heck is 'lah' in a formal presentation? Ergh. I also tend to get tachycardia. Hahh, you can obviously see how lack my confidence are! :( And yeah, I depend on that script 95%. So, I just read, with no eye contact with the audience.
But, I'm really happy with the slides that I had already prepared.
Here are some part of my slides,

Hah! What do you think? Pity my friends and Dr Luay and Puan Hayati and Dr. Kazi and Mr Eddy. I hope they didn't feel like they're kindergarten kids. I really don't know how to make my slides interesting. I'm not creative. Thus, I play with colours. Hehe. I love colours! Err, do you realize that my slides are actually colouful? :/ Whatever it is, I love my 'Thank you, people' slide :)

P/S: Please appreciate people who understands you the most.


  1. as in creative tu, insert animation lerr. HAHA btw, nice slides. colourful gilaa. aku tak rajin nak buat gitu.. :)

  2. animation?what animation should i put?i don't know.haha.oh,thankyou adam&tacha!


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