Friday, January 14, 2011

Excuses and reasons.

I told you I will not going to update my blog for maybe a week, right? But it seems like I'm updating it almost every single day. Pffsh. Oh, it's because, firstly, I'm addicted to it. Secondly, I was sick, so I didn't do my assignment. Thirdly, my posts are so short, thus it doesn't take me too long to type or to write, uh, I don't know. Fourthly, I was quite depressed with stuffs happening to me lately, so, I have to puke my feelings here. Fifthly, er, okay there's no other reasons.

Just now, I went to Old Blossom Box boutique. If you ever knew about it, it's like blogshop, that got it's own shop at the outside of the IT thingy. It's very vintage-yy. I bought something. But, I don't know, whether I'm going to use it or not. But if I do, I'll share with you, peepies. Okay, got to go.

Senja sudah,

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