Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do you know?

Being a girl is difficult? Did you know that girls like to think stuffs that are not actually important to herself? Meaning that, girls like to make her life miserable and complicated? That will end up hurting herself. I don't know about other girls out there. I don't really give a shit. My mom told me this, men are born to have strong physicalities, while women are born to have a great heart as in a strong heart. I'm not talking about pumping your blood to all part of the bodies. Its about how women are strong enough to face problems. I don't know, if you ever realize about it?

Whether you care or not, actually I'm talking about myself now. I'm not saying that I'm actually a guy who acted as a girl and I found it difficult. But, I do have a problem in facing my own feelings. I helped my friends a lot in facing their problems, and guess what? It really worked. But, me? I'm confused. I've seen my guy friends, they're like stick to their decision and maintaining it. In Malay, they called, "tetap pendirian". I don't know what's that in English. Lame me. And why am I so stubborn to really glued to my own decision.

For example, I want to be as a heartless girl, who doesn't even care if she's single, mentally abused, dressed up preppy-ly, being rejected, and hell yeah, many more. But, instead, I'm pretending to be like one. No, no not pretending. I'm trying damn hard and I don't know if its really work.
Hey, I do love being single, that's an exception. But, after I've been mentally abused, I cried a lot. After I dressed up preppy-ly, I'm afraid of people talking behind my back. I used being rejected, and I think I really don't care about it, but I actually embarrassed like heck.
That's why I told you, being a girl is difficult. You tend to think things that not important and lead you to miserable-ness. Pff, what in the world are not difficult anyway?

P/S: you'll find many grammar error, because i still sucks in grammar. you'll find my sentences are like primary one student, because my vocabulary still yucks. and maybe you don't understand the message in this hell long essay or post, because i'm writing in nani's language. nani hates reading. so, the sentences are all direct translation from malay. lame.



  1. Hey Nani. I dont think you know me, neither have we ever met, but I read your blog coz I stumbled upon it one day and I thought: Hey! I like how this girl writes! :) I'm glad you are improving your grammar, but hey, I dont think your english sucks... And yup, I'm a girl and I totally understand. I've never been rejected or such, but I've definitely been judged. And hey, I learnt that the best thing is to not give a damn. Let the losers be shallow people who points out bad qualities in others. I feel so sorry for them. Haha.
    Basically, I'm replying you to say, cheer up, girl! :D You've been posting emo posts lately. Hear it from a perfect stranger like me, that no matter what hell hole we live in, Life is Hard (borrowed your blog name. LOL) but we have friends! So, stay positive! oh, i like your shawls btw and i love the indian prints too! very extravagant! :)

  2. haha! hey, i really don't have any idea who are you. i do actually have a stalker eh? hehe. thanks for reaading, babe. i wish i know you! anw, yapp, things are going bad lately. anw, i'll try cheering up myself somehow. hehe:))


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