Sunday, November 25, 2012

Down again. My favourite senior is posted to Sarawak. I can't understand why am I so down with that. I am so down, I eat till my emotions are out.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

One day I was thinking, why wouldn't God made me beautiful? With pretty features on the face, perfect shape of the body, flawless skin, and all the other good appearances.
I'm grateful like this. Its just, why i'm not like my other friends (who're pretty)? Then I came out with some possible answers. Wait, i'm not God, where I can come out with answer and all. Its my thought lah, I would say.
So the first one, if I was born to be pretty, I might be a slut. Like, i'm slutting around with guys or girls, perhaps? Yikes!
Second, I might be so proud like a peacock. I know i'm pretty and I want to befriend with pretty people only. No ugly ducklings on my list. Damn, that is soooo meaan! :O

So the conclusion is, if I have perfect and beautiful appearances I won't be me. Like now. Besides, I still think that I have perfect body systems, like most of us have. We still have skin for immune system, we still have nose and mouth to breathe and eat, we still have heart to pump the blood for circulatory system. Not to mention you have all the enzymes and protein inside of our bodies, that small tiny tiny things that made us healthy. Things that we can't see, but play a huge role to us. Appreciate that. God creates that for a reason.

Enough of random mumbles.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Terlalu mengejar title awesome tersebut,
Secara indirectly,
You already caused trouble to some people.
Really, you just have to be considerate,
And not being selfish.

You're already awesome.
Don't try so hard for it.

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