Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let the pictures do the talk :D

Oh, let's play a game! Spot two similarities that these girls had, that I want the most :D

All pictures got from Google.

Bet what you're guessing is RIGHT!
I want beautiful long hair oh hair and clear flawless face. Oh, another one, is nice and slim figure.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I don't know why.

Again, this is just my heart do the talk.

Okay, you see, my elder sister is a 'hot-stuff'. She's a beauty, and kind, and blah, and blah. She did look like one of the character in Grey's Anatomy gal, that Latina gal. I can't remember what her name was. So, many guys wanted to be with her. But unfortunately, she had a 2-years-old relationship with her boyfie, which is a future lawyer. And, here's the story. There was a guy, religious guy, imam at a Masjid at Kepong, mengaji instructor, and ustaz at a Sekolah Agama. He knew that my sister had a bf, but he believed in jodoh. (Well, who doesn't? Pfft.) He said to my sis, "I'll wait for you, no matter what it takes". He already met my parents. My dad likes him. But, I seriously, irritated and annoyed with his words to my sister. Like, "Aku akan menunggumu sehingga ke akhir hayat ku" (?) Oh, come on already! I DON'T BELIEVE GUYS ANYMORE. Those are all sweet-sweet talk one leh.

Oh, dear, help me overcome this feelings. People, as in, my sister and those guys who're involved, and my friends, will hate me, for behaving like this. I am afraid, if I end-up will reject my own jodoh.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random song selection.

Speech: Thanks to Jango.com for giving me the opportunity to listen to these songs. Thanks for randomly select awesome songs for me. Every songs, reminding me of the old memories :)

1. How to Save a Life by The Fray
2. Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
3. Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson
4. A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
5. Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne

PS (random confession): I love the fact that my mom will always, make me feel better, whenever I'm struggling with myself, controlling my emotions. I just have to talk to her, cry to her, after that, I'm feeling okay. She told me to drive carefully, even though I was just drive 2 km away. Oh, she must had been worried, for me, driving in depressed mode. God, I'm happy that I'm home, for the time being. I can't believe if I'm away from home. It must've been hard, will be loads of crying alone to myself.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Maharaja Lawak (ML) Live di JB

It's kinda phenomenon nowadays, don't you think? Before that, let me shortly brief to you, what the heck is Maharaja Lawak. It's a reality-competition-show which the participants are the winners from the Raja Lawak at all seasons. So the champions compete in one show called Maharaja Lawak. It's kinda my favourite TV show. Some of my friends can't believe I watched this show. Harr, I don't know why, though. If you ever heard of some catchphrases like, "Mail Lambong, Rozie Tiger, Zamri Rockers, Boleh tuju lagu?, Dafi baik punyeer, blahs more", yes, those are all came from this show.

Before we go to the stadium, we went to a fast food restaurant to take away some food and ready to 'berkampung' in the stadium later. Haha. And guess who we saw? Tomok One In A million winner. I was like, 'Eh, muka dia macam Tomok', then my friend said, 'Betul-betul Tomok lah!'. Then, another friends said, 'Eh, jom kita konon-konon ambil gambar, tapi kita ambil gambar dia sebenarnya!'. Then, my girlfriends were excitedly pose and pretending snap some pictures. -___-" I was told that Tomok was in JB because outside of the mall, there will be an event held by Hot Fm which is Hot Fm Big Jam.

Let me tell you about the story of free passes to watch ML. In order to enter the stadium, people must go and take the free passes at day time. Yes, my friend did go there and line up for free passes. No, I'm not there. I asked my friend to take it for me. As I've been told, there're SO MANY people lining up for the passes, riots were started to develop due to so damn long line. My friend, lined up for two hours and the tickets are finished. It must be very frustrating. But, they planned to just go there at night and gamble if there're seats available.

As we arrived there, I saw the roads were packed and all the vehicles became very impatient. The driver, Anis, was honked too many times. We were almost hit by a car, and a BIG lorry/trailer. Grateful to God, Alhamdulillah, we're still alive :)

Well, as you've been told that we don't have the tickets, and just plan to gamble and hopefully there's seats available. Wait, once we arrived, I can see people were lining up long enough to make people who didn't have tickets to give up and ended up loitering somewhere else. But, we decided to check out on what's going on, and is there any secret door that we can sneaked in to. There was, again, almost-riot. People  who got the free passes but still cannot enter, of course they'd became furious and rebellious towards the guards.

Half of us gave up already and decide to lepak and go eat-eat at Stulang. But, me and Fathin haven't give up yet. Why? Because, first, every Friday me and family never missed this show, second, I just got this feelings that we can enter the stadium somehow, third, this is it how we supposed to spend time with on that day, watching ML live, I mean, this is what we planned. So, we checked out again on the other side of the door, and suddenly there's a secret door! Hahha, not literally secret, it was suddenly opened and people rushing, including us, went following the flow and yes, we entered the stadium, there's spotlight, I felt the air-conditioner, I saw the ML stage, and hell yeah, we succeed to go there without some bloody tickets! :D

Then, we searched for the seats, yes there were seats available, but it's not at the center, it was at the lateral side of the stadium. My seat can only see half of the stage. But, who cares, there's screen. Haha. I saw the host, the tall AC Mizal, and I saw the participants. The whole stadium went crazy and screams their lungs out, supporting for their favourite group. I was too, screaming, but two bitches who sat in front of me, kept closing their ear-hole because of my high-pitched voice's screaming. Hey bitch, everyone in the stadium screams, and you're watching a road-tour-concert-of ML, of course it's associated with tonnes of screaming people. I mean, if they want to watch it peacefully, come I suggest you something, you watched ML on Youtube at a funeral. Pfft.

Andd the show started, the spotlight were awesome, yet the sound system wasn't good. I can't hear what they're talking, clearly. But, we screamed XD Naah, I can watch it again on it's repetition at Astro Warna.

Haha, seriously, we ain't that kemaroks to watch ML live. I even prefer watching it on TV, at home, more clearer sound, more clearer view, I can even lie down while watching em and go pooping while advertisement. But, me and girlfriends just want the feel of rushing to enter the stadium, watching it LIVE, together, laughing and screaming together, berkampung eating McDonald together in the stadium while the kid besides us watching us eating french fries without lending him some, camwhoring before went back home, yes, I want memories that can be jotted down like this. Although it wasn't as awesome as go on a vacation somewhere with them, but this can be something nostalgic in future, though :)

Er, JB-ians are too supportive for this kinda thinng?

PS: Ya, saya recycle baju saya over and over again. Saya bukan fashionista pun.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

God, give me strength!

Peeps, no need to read.
This post is just about me being so lazy and the story of my first time baking baby cupcakes.

Me being lazy
I got some work to do. Do a pathology short note on title Pigmentation and Calcification. Yeap, I told you before. The good thing was, I started already. It's almost half way to accomplish 'em. Yet, because of I am so lazy to think of ways how to make the short note looks interesting, well-organized, neat and also, I am so lazy to construct the sentences, so that people can understand very quickly. And, the due date is this Friday! (Rebecca Black's Friday playing

My first time baking baby cupcakes
I got the recipe from Joyofbaking.com. I followed the recipe 100%. Oh, I made Vanilla Cupcakes. Interestingly, it really success. As in, the appearance, so cute, ala DC Cupcakes. (laughs bimbotically) How does it taste? Without frosting, it's okay and a bit firm/hard. Maybe because it's over-baked. It doesn't taste GREAT, nor awesome, nor gruesome, nor yuck. It's just okay. Yet, with frosting, it tastes a bit weird. My sis said the taste of butter was so 'strong'. But, someone said my cupcake made him felt like he want to puke. (-.-!!!) He said my cupcake taste like curry and laksa. (?) Once I heard that coming from his oral cavity, suddenly I got cardiac arrest. It felt like there's someone who shot me using a rifle straight to my heart. (Overthetop) I was so mad, sad, fret, and flat. Back then, I felt like I won't bake anymore until I die. My interest in baking was dropping down so furiously.
Once I got home, I taste the cupcakes again. And flashing back, what did I put in and what did I do until the flavour became savoury? I did asked my mom and dad. They said, it was okay. In fact, they said my cupcake was delicious for first-timer. Well, they are my old folks, they just won't let me down :') So, I did put butter, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, zest of lemon, and milk. For the frosting, butter, icing sugar, vanilla and  milk.

And I came out with possibilities why he said he want to puke, why does it taste so savoury:
#1 mixed the buttercream frosting in my mom's small container. The container which my mom usually use to cook any savoury dishes.
#2 The green colouring that I put into the frosting mixture, is causing my frosting taste like laksa. Why? Because it's in the form of solid (powder) and it's cheap, and the green colouring isn't for baking. Because, another frosting (I divided into two portions), when I mixed it with mango flavour, it taste awesome.
#3 Before I put my cupcakes into a container (to give it to him), it was previously had put some laksa or curry in it. So, the smell is stucked in the container.
#4 The lemon zest was tooo many, and affect the taste of my cupcakes.

My dad once said, practice makes perfect. Learn from mistakes.
PS: Oh come on, it's Nani's made, not Secret Recipe.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Who is he?
-used to be my best friend and I missed him, a lot.
-my classmate during Asasi UiTM

Good side
-stylo mylo
-he's a skater boy

Bad side
-heavy smoker
-he pierced his earlobe
-he's a clubber
-he confused with himself

Why do I blogged about him now?
-I love him, as a friend (duh?)
-I really hate the fact that he changed a lot
-I love the fact that he misses me too
-he's nice but...... :(


Friday, June 10, 2011

Confession of a person who ate a lot of kerepek.

Person who ate a lot of kerepek is a person who is kuat merepek. (*it rhymes)

Confession #1
I want to marry a young Singaporean Chinese Muslim or simply Malay, dental officer.
Why Singaporean?
Just because, and besides the fact that my dad wanted to do the majlis in Singapore. If we'll be doing it in Johore, no one will come. Don't care if the future husband is Kedah-ian, which is faraway. (I guessed?)
Why dental officer?
Because, he will understand my future job.

Confession #2
I can't speak English. I looked like a loser if I'm talking English. I became all trembling, wobbling, stuttering and warblers-ing. Despite the fact that my vocabulary is fucking lame, now that I just realize that I can't speak English. Pfft, how unlucky I am?
You see, writing and speaking isn't the same.

Confession #3
If I can turn back time, I want to force my dad, to put, or registering, me into one of the primary or secondary school in Singapore. Or, Johore's international school.
So that, by now, I can speak English so freaking fluent and good. I was so good that, I can represent my school in English debating competition and won first place and won the best debater. (Good debater, my ass!)

PS: You can't never imagine how miserable my life is, because I can't speak English fluently. It's frustrating :(

Confession #4
I wish for a porcelain-like skin. I tried many products. Harhar, thanks to Shahrul (1-3 years older than me), my face turned into now. Back to eight years ago, he used to tease me about something, and I got really mad, and I, uh, sort of, insult him, by saying that he got loads of pimples. Now, hell yeah, I believed in karma.

Minah Kerepek,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Being all blue.

Thanks, chikenshit.tumblr for the doodlez :')

After hours stalking someone's tumblr,
I realized that I wasn't that important in someone's life at all.
I realized that I'm being all syiok sendiri with someone.
I realized only me who cherish someone.
I know, I'm not that close to someone, but somehow, I do cherish someone.
I don't know why, someone was so nice.

Please, don't ask me who. If you think it was you, please stop.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I didn't appreciate this holiday.

Last few days, I chat with one of my senior.

He: You study tak during this holiday?
Me: Er, no. Should I?
He: Yes, you should. Or else, you'll regret.
Me: Hmph, sounds scary.

Above is just some part of our conversation. I got task to do, which is, do a short notes or a simple notes of the title given by the class representative. The titles are all from the first year's topic. Yes, the topics from the first semester will be brought forward until the end of my second year. Hahh! You can imagine how many lectures should we cover, in future.
So, in order to success in future, we must study by now. But, I am not studying at all. I'm just doing the short notes. While other friends struggling to make use of their holiday wisely. I mean, they organized their holiday. This month, they'll do this. That month, they'll do that. Sigh. I don't know how to study at house. I mean, there's TV, Internet and siblings and sleep. And of course, I'm broke now. If I wasn't broke, I'll jalan-jalan a lot. Still, not studying. Duh?

But, I baked now! (HAHAHAHAH!) Excited! I never knew I got talent in baking. It's actually started when my little sister asked me to bake a chocolate cake. She even searched the recipe for me. I don't know why, she demands me to bake the cake, instead of my mom. (I took that as a God's instruction for me to involve the kitchen thang, it's time.hahaXD)
After that, I made red velvet cake. Although it's not as velvety as it supposed to be in the picture, but it tastes so awesome, I would say :) So far, I just bake two cakes. Next plan will be Strawberry Banana Muffin. I'm still going to bake a STRAWBERRY banana muffin, even after I watched this video. Thanks to my senior (mentioned above) for sharing the video with me. Harhar -.-"

Don't you think I looked so freaking modest in this picture? (ignore the background)

Tadaa! This is my red velvet cake. I know, I know, it's tore at the center, but do you see the cheese cream frosting is overflowing? Haha!

PS: I still annoyed with people who's in a relationship. I'm annoyed, not jealousy.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stupid Biatch.

Hello, people. I didn't tell you about my ex. I broke up with him because, he didn't understands me, plus, his fiancee provoked and threatened my life until I broke up with him. Ah, you might think that I am the bad guy, because snatching away her fiancee (my ex).

Well you know, I'd been cheated by my ex, he said he broke up with her fiancee a few months before. So, I dated him for four months, then we broke up. I didn't regret of breaking up with him. I felt good :)

Within this-fucking-four-assholic-months, I done sins, I waste a lot of stuff, I didn't pay attention much to God and I got a big-bear (birthday present). Also, almost every night, I received text messages from his fiancee. Told me this and that. Cursing me this and that. I did felt guilty all along. But, my ex told me to not reply her messages, not pick up her phone calls, and not meet her in anyway. Well, I did, all that. *Future husband, I will be a good wife, because I'll follow everything my husband said:) *

Regarding today's topic, since I broke up with this mat, I never received any messages from this bitch. But, I did received a call from her, a few days after I broke up. I shouted and cursed at her, right to her freaking ears. She didn't disturb me, ever since. It's been eight months now.
Today, in my history of life, she, the most biatch in the biatches-ville, texted me. She's mad. She said, "I reminded you, many times, to not disturb M***n's life. What do you want now? Why do you still don't understand? Blah, blah, blah..".
Suddenly, my whole body's shaking with anger. Sympathetic nervous system, I guessed? I replied, I said, "I didn't do it, and I got boyfriend". Haha, since when I owned bf laaa? "Because of your stupid man, I am afraid and paranoid of falling in love again!", I monologued.
Then she called me, I picked up, and talked, shouted, cursed, and I hang up. I felt awesome. And confident of how I'm doing now. Anyhow, I wonder, if I am not the one who texting him, then it must be other girl then? I felt sorry for biatch. But, who cares anyway. I am glad that I broke up with him.

Sigh, how can I even fall in love with him? He's not even my type. Yes, he's tall, but, he's not mentally-tough. He's mentally weak and slow. That's the exactly point, why I broke up with him. He can't even protect me. He let me being cursed by his bitch, and let me cry so hard. I am so disappointed. Gaahh, how come there's no Malay guy who had all the Korean heroes' personality? Being protective, macho-macho man, loving his girl till the end, full with care and all? It looks like, I'm going to become an anak dara tua lah horh in future?