Monday, January 17, 2011


WARNING: This post may be long and no pictures. Just sentences. Leave this page immediately for those who are not interested.

Okay, what's so happy? Today I only have one class. And it's not a lecture, it's more to like revision to all the lectures. Then, we got BEL class for group A. Luckily, I am in the group B. Here I am, updating my blog after three days left. 
Just now, I done my laundry. As I walked to the machine, with my hands full with a pail of full dirty clothes, and towel, detergent and softener, I saw a cat walking or crawling very slowly, step by step, to approach something. I thought it was a lizard or a cockroach. But, it was another cat. They start to whine at each other when they were face to face. I don't think the cat realize me behind him/her, *I don't realize the ball*. When, I walked in front of them, they were suddenly stop whining and pretend nothing happen. Haha. I don't know cats knew how to 'cover-line-clear' thingy. I was amazed. FYI, I don't have cats. And I don't like cats. But, cats are cute, though. So, I don't know cats' feelings and activities. 

My weekend was BLAWESOME!
I did not regret the fact that I didn't go to the Annual Grand Meeting of PBSM on last Sunday. I heard it was damn hell bored. Grinning :D
I went to University of Malaya. It was my first time. To meet some friends and there's some small festival were held there. It was great, although it's raining, but it's fun. At first, I only with my best friend, but at the end up of the day, I was closed to 3-4 friends. They're all new! So, basically, I was making new friends there :) I told you about the battle of the band right? My friend took part. They performed 'She's a genius' by JET. They're damn cool, but they're not winning. But, at least they're having fun on the stage. Hehe. I like.
During the festival, most of the time, I was the only girl in a group of 4-5 guys. I was having so much fun. And I acted like one too. Haha. There's one band performed 'Mr. Brightside' by The Killers. And, what a coincidence, we memorize the lyrics. So, we were the only one who're screaming and sing-along in the middle of the crowd. People were staring at us but, we didn't give a shit, and mind our own business. Oh, so fun! Haha.
Then, at night, I was staying at new friend’s place. She’s so nice, cool and very kind too. After washing up, we were having a one-two hours of pillow talk. Haha. It’s very cute, right? It was so long I haven’t done a pillow talk since my foundation year. Hmm. Eventhough, me and her were just making a new friendship bond, but at that night, I felt like she was my long-lost friend. Haha. How weird was that? I don’t know, we talked a lot. I hope there will be other next time.
Okay, that’s it. Maybe it’s not as fun as your weekend. But, I love mine! Hehe. And, my Oral Biology report is almost done. I just have to do the presentation slide.

Okie Dokie, peeps,


  1. credits to bangga dapat kenalkan kau;))now sume kawan aq kenal each other.n the moment of singging the killers memang heaven,da lame tak rasa cemtu.

    thx for coming n b strong girl!

  2. yah! thankss a lot!! and i still freaked out, it's huda who the one yg anon tuh. hehe. em. yah, i'll sure akan dtg lagi.but,maybe next sem?hehe.err,i am astrong girl,dude.haha.

  3. I am Anon. hahahahahahahah. pelik sbb walaupun your post takde gamba n looks "dull", I'm smiling like crazy! haha. And coooool! We click like... a camera!*snaps finger* yea, thnx adm. you made our weekend! hohoho.

  4. yayy, anon are backk, yayyy!:)) that's a miracle of "Life is Hard". haha. looking dull, but actually interesting. anw, i'm loving the fact that you're smiling like kerazyy while reading at my post.ihik3.


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