Friday, December 31, 2010

This is the end of the year.

This may be my last post for 2010. I'm busy practicing for the zapin performance for Dental Symposium event recently. Don't ask me about this event. Because I also not so sure and I don't have clear imagination about it. So, the zapin thing was tiring. And my metatarsal bone hurt a lot. But, its really fun. Jyeahhh! Anak jati Johor! :)   Someone told me, dancing is a good thing. Some sort like exercise in a fun way. It'll also makes you more sexaayy. Haha.
About the end of the year, I don't think I'll miss it. Because, only from January-March, I'm enjoying my life, love it like hell. But most of the year, it left me bad memories. Whether in relationship and also friendship. Its frustrated. My happiness are restricted here. So, I am so looking forward for 2011. Typically, I want to start a new life. Maybe as a new me. More boring, less excited, and heartless. Maybe?

Happy New Year, peeps.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You are no cool. Got it?

This post is surely for you. Listen here, I may be weak and might be slow, but you're totally got no right in taking that for granted. Okay? I am soo tired and hurt enough being mentally abused by you. Hey, why do I get this feeling that you're not even realize you kept doing this to me? Oh, I know, because you're mean. Thats why! You always think that you're too good and cool to do that to people. Can you like, just stop doing that? Because I think you're pathetic.

I'm sorry, people. I just too mad.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Being slim.

I don't know whether it's not working or I can't handle it. Well, you know, I'm on diet. Not exactly diet. I'm just not having dinner. Except for biscuits and sometimes buns. Because I thought, I'm getting fatter. And now, I'm doing my assignment and I'm damn hungry. I want to eat. My tummy seriously rumbling now.

*stomach growling*

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dedicate to you!

Biar ku lihat, setiap kali,
engkau sinar bagai matahari.
mencerahi segalanya.

Biar pun, buta, aku masih,
akan tetap selalu menyayangi,
tiada rintangan yang bisa menghapuskan,
cintaaaaaaaa ku.

I didn't know whether the lyrics I wrote are correct or not. But, I just want to tell you, that I really really addicted and obsessed to this song. Its by third Singapore Idol, Sezairi Sezali.

This is him. Cute, right? Hehe.

Okay, I want to dedicate this song for those who felt they're special. To me especially :))

Anyway, I told you about my obsession about the Indian clothing in my older post. I found one profile or page, or whatever, that sell this Indian tunics, salwar kameez and sarees. It accepts Maybank.
But, the price. Whoa! Super expensive. The most cheapest are RM 150. Well, to me its expensive. I don't know if to you, and whatever it is, I think I'll buy one. At least one.


Friday, December 24, 2010


I actually don't have idea to put the title for this post. Then, ngiaw randomly pops in my brain. Because just now, while I'm having lunch, there's one kitten pooping in front of me. Anis told me not to look at it, but I don't know, I justt can't stop looking at the kitten's activity. I don't have cats in my house, so I was damn curious to watch they pooping and shitting on the floor, in front of me. Haha. Its interesting, though. And last week, I saw cats having sex in front of me, while I'm having lunch. Yes, AGAIN.
Watching cats intercourse-ing, it reminds me of goats intercourse-ing. Uhuh! I saw kambing having sex too, peeps. We were actually on a trip to MARDI, Kluang with the Agriculture Science Clubbies. It's a 2 years ago experience. Its funny.

Okay, just  now I watched, 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' at the TV room. Its a marathon show, I guessed. But, I only watched four or five episodes. Its really fun eventhough I was alone. I felt like I was at home. Watching the show with my siblings.

So, after finished with TV, I decided to go to my room and have a rest. Once, I stepped out of the room, then I thought to myself, "Why the heck am I here (hostel)? I can't believe I'm still here". I know, I sounded like some freaking loser who cannot accept her reality life. But, I'm so pissed off and homesick.
FYI, people, I'm actually not having a great life here. You won't understand why, anyway. And thank god I'm going home tonight. I really need a family-warm-love right now.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Depression again.

I don't know whats the meaning of happy life anymore right now. I've done my thing, I never done anything attitudely wrong to people, I guessed. I accepted you just the way you are. And why the heck are you doing this to me?
Yes, mencarut is the most satisfaction thing to do when you're in depressed mode. Oh maybe I'm on menstruation period and emotionally unstable. But who cares about that anyway, its your attitude. Its too much.

I don't want to do anything. I'm not going to revenge or do whatever yucks. I'm just going to sit there silently. Continue doing my thing.
I believe in God. and I believed in karma too. Whatever hell you'd done to people, I'm sure you'll receive it somehow. What goes around, comes around, babe.

P/S: I know you hate me. Its obvious. But, I never hate you. I try to accept you in anyway.
You can leave me if you want to.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Facebook status.

It's damn funny when you get to read your status during the 2010. Here's the link, if you're interested to read mine :))
So, after I read my status-es, I saw a lot of depression mode status. I was like, "What thaaa???". Am I that frequently depressed? It looks like I'm not enjoying life at all. Haha.
But, what do you expect anyway. I'm not the kind that keeping your feelings inside, then burst out of nowhere. During 2010, I've gone too many i don't know, obstacles of life maybe? Start a new life in dental courses, adaptation with it, with new friends. Depression with broke-ups, with new friends. Heartbreaks. Whatever.

In  January-March of 2010, I started my second semester of foundation.
April-June 2010, I've done part-time work at KFC. Which was freaking exhausted, no life and left me bad memories. (Darn *YOU)
*refers to a particular person. 
July-November 2010, I started my first semester degree. Honestly, I felt like it was just yesterday, I registered my name.
December 2010, here it goes. Second semester of my first year of dentistry.

It's like just a glimpse, and I'm in second semester already. Fast eh? I hope 5 years are not as long as it sounds.
Okay, I don't have any idea who are reading this, but if you do, thanks a lot. And if you do, but you're complaining about what I've posted, gotohell. Its my blog anyway.

Terima Kasih, peeps:)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear friend,

Next time, don't do something like that again.
Please don't forget to take your medication somehow.
I'm happy to help you just now.
Just take care of yourself.
Love you.



I know I'm not clever.
I'm slow,
but please don't laugh at me.
Instead, teach me.

I know you're brilliant.
You're fast learner,
you're clever.
I kindly asked for your guidance.

Sadness and dissapointed.


Friday, December 17, 2010

I am so into Indian!

Okay. Tke note, that I'm not into Indian guys. I'm into Indian apparel. To me, its freaking unique and beautiful. I am so liking it. I'm obsessed with it. But, I've been searching blogs and webs that are selling Indian tunics, skirts, shoes and slippers that accept Maybank, Bank Islam, CIMB. I found nothing! Its so dissapointing.

Indian tunics.
See, I told you its beautiful.

Indian skirts.
I can't resist!!

 Indian shoes.
Its beaded and unique.

Indian slippers.
Suitable to where at any occasions. I have to grab one!

Lastly, its salwar kameez.
Beautiful, gorgeous, simply love it a lot, a lot!

God, help me find one pleasee!

My activites during holidays.

Oh, I'm so sorry for not updating you with my stuffs during the holidays. No internet access at home. So, I have to save it all and tell you now. I'd started my second semester on last Monday.
So, during the holidays....
I'm being a tutor for Farhana Nazri and her friend for their SPM preparation.
I'm watching TV.
I'm playing and fooling around with my siblings.
Me and my family went to the daughter  of my dad's friend wedding.
The driver to my adik and mom.
Collecting tooth to four dental clinics near my house.
Visitting friends at my old work place: KFC.
Bring my siblings to watch Rapunzel: 3D.

At the wedding.

Me and Maisarah camwhoring.

In the toilet. Camwhoring!

Well. I guessed thats all. My holidays were only two weeks. So, not all my plans are fulfilled. Actually, I want to go to the swimming complex, hangout with some friends, camwhoring. But unfortunately, I have to start my second semester before they got back to JB.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Legenda Budak Setan

This is the Malay movie that I also watched during the holidays. I honestly can’t understand why people can cry every time they watch this movie. The story was sad. It really was, because it’s the movie about the obstacles of their relationship.  I just can say that Ayu’s life had been so tragic! I can’t imagine if there are really people live their life like that.
Okay, firstly Ayu and her boyfriend were over-limit in their relationship. Which means, Ayu had lost her virginity before marriage.
Secondly, she didn’t like her boyfriend anymore because he cheated on her. And Ayu fell in love with ‘Budak Setan’ guy in her campus. Actually, she changed him to be a good guy, then she fell in love. Well that so sweet. I mean, no one’s capable to do that right?
Thirdly, Ayu’s mom got very sick and asked his ex-boyfriend to marry her while the ‘Budak Setan’ are away to do some research for a year. So, she had to do it in order to fulfill her mom’s desire before she dies. Which means, she’s not even happy with her marriage with her ex-boyfriend.
Fourthly, she missed ‘Budak Setan’ a lot until it made her husband annoyed and gets angry. And she was beaten up by her own husband. Unfortunately, she got a kaki pukul husband.
 Fifthly, she got too disappointed with him which made her to drive to nowhere until she met an accident. Typical, I know. So, she had to do a plastic surgery in order to get her face back and she asked to do a different one from her original face with a very stupid reason. And yeah, her so-called rejuvenation made her to divorce her husband and lead a normal life as a beautiful and successfully widow. Luckily, she found the ‘Budak Setan’ back and continued their long lost love together. And luckily, the guy can accept her different face. Heh.
Sixthly, her ex-husband came back into her life, begging and apologizing  but  Ayu don’t want her life to repeat like previously and she speak out her rights. Ayu yelled at her ex-husband, then he got mad which made him to beat Ayu for the second time. And this time, she’s not driving to nowhere, but she fell down and her head hit the vase. Guess what? She lost her memories completely. But, lucky her, ‘Budak Setan’ were still loyal and love her eventhough she lost her memories. Then, they got married.
Seventhly, Ayu was pregnant. While laboring the baby, unfortunate happens. She died. Yes, Ayu was dead. That’s the end of the story. The tragic life of a girl named Ayu.
Very sad and tragic but not enough to make me cry. Oh well. Its just a movie anyway. But, pity ‘Budak Setan’.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Go Mi Nam

Who the heck is Go Mi Nam? She’s the main role in Korean drama You’re Beautiful. Its quite popular during 2009. I just watched it during the holidays. Well, the point was, I hate Go Mi Nam’s characteristics. Like, she’s very damn lucky to live in a house with three cool guys. She had to be a guy to replace her twin brother in a band for a month. And all of them are falling for her. To me right, she’s done nothing to them, I mean, she’s not kind-hearted enough to make them crazy over her. She’s not that pretty, goddess and gorgeous. But, she’s cute somehow. Still, there are not enough evidence to make them fall in love with Go Mi Nam. And she’s pretending to be a guy is so not real. Her voice is so girlish. Very soft, cover her mouth while laughing. Come on, you’re pretending to be a guy, can you at least try to make a guy’s voice while you’re talking? How come the guys can’t even recognize Go Mi Nam is a girl? Haha. This is so funny. Yeah, one thing I hate about Go Mi Nam’s character is, she is so gedik. The way she walks to approach someone are so yucks. The way she made her ‘cute’ face. Urgh. It made me sick. Haha. I’m sorry, Go Mi Nam. I just hate you so much. She also just so dumb to follow whatever the evil Yoo He Yi ask her to do, but luckily her unfortunates are all covered and helped by the three cool guys. In short, she’s like Bawang putih in Indonesian drama, Bawang Putih dan Bawang Merah. So slow and so-called nice.  And why does the three guys like her so much? They got tones of fans, they can even pick one randomly. Better, real and prettier than Go Mi Nam. But one thing I like about Go Mi Nam are her haircut, her cool style, her spectacles were all cool and stylish. Her face with that kind of haircut, remind me of Eun Chan in Coffee Prince.
Well, I am so sorry for Go Mi Nam’s lovers out there. This is what you do while watching drama or movie. You tend to comment and complaint about the storyline, the characters, and many more. This is what I commented about the character of Go Mi Nam. Anyway, don’t take it too hard, people. This was just a drama J And this is just me who loves to condemn people.
Thanks for reading, peeps.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Memories for them.

Today, me and my siblings went to the mall to catch some movie. Titled, Rapunzel: Tangled. In 3D thats for sure. Its my first time watching movie in 3D. I know, I'm outdated. But whatever you say, I'm super happy! This is the first time for Maisara and Keyi to watch movie in cinema. They're so excited. Every minute they asked whether the movie has started or not. Haha. So cute.
While waiting for the movie to start, we're walking around the mall. Then, we stopped at Watsons. Keyi said, "Jangan masuk, jangan masuk!". I know its boring for kids like them to go in those kinds of shops. It makes me wonder, why when we're shopping with our parents, Keyi don't have the guts to say like that. Hmph.
Next, Keyi pointed at the arcade centre. Me and my big sis ignored him and said, "Tak best lah. Buang duit,". Then he started to make sad face and not holding my hand while we're walking anymore. I really don't know what this mean. I mean, Maisara can get over it. Maisara can take it if we're not taking her to the arcade centre.
Then, I ended this confusion with one conclusion, Keyi was the only boy and the last one in our siblings, we're all girls. We got the same similarities, we understand each other, we got the same commons and mentality. Thats why I don't quite understand what he wants actually. Haha. Pity him. After that, I've decided to take him to the arcade centre. To fulfill his childhood desires and let it be his memories. And want him to know, that he got the best sisters in the world :)
In the cinema, as I told you, we're watching Rapunzel, an animated movie. The movie was funny in the beginning, Keyi and Maisara were laughing out loud. Honestly, I was so happy to see them laugh and reach out their hand to touch the screen.
So, thats it. The memories of them. No pictures uploaded here, internet are slow and I'm lazy to wait. If you're interested to see their pictures, you can just look at my Facebook.