Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This quiz is damn smart!

Yesterday, I took a personality quiz at Facebook. I was asked by my friend to do this quiz. Its's a Keirsey personality quiz. There are 66 questions altogether. Okay, I'll tell you something, it'll be a bonus for those who are very good in their vocabulary. Obviously, my vocab are bad. That's why I need a dictionary. I refer to dictionary for search at least one word for each question.
So, here's my results,
"Siti got ► Idealist Teacher
You are introspective, cooperative, directive, and expressive. You look for the very best and expect the best out of those around you. You are highly capable of helping learners express their inner potential. You communicate to your pupils that each one of them has the potential to succeed and motivate others to meet the Teacher's positive expectations. You like to have things organized, settled and planned out. You will usually have your work hours and social engagements planned well in advance and can be trusted to honor your commitments. However, you are also capable of using your creativity to invent engaging learning activities for your pupils with little planning. You are more an educational leader than you are a social leader, your primary interest being the growth and development of others. You have a highly developed intuition. You are highly skilled at understanding what is going on within yourself and others. You often find yourself mirroring the beliefs, characteristics, and emotions of those you have contact with to generate rapport. This enables you to feel a close connection with others and develop a personal involvement in the joys and problems of others. You consider people to be your highest priority, and your communication often asserts a personal concern and willingness to help others. You are warm, outgoing, and value harmonious relations and interpersonal communication. You are usually easy to get along with, tolerant of others, and popular. You may also be the most expressive of all the role variants. You have exceptional language skills and don't hesitate to share your feelings, beliefs and ideas. You are very enthusiastic and can be a charismatic public speaker. Your exceptional language skills enhance your influence within groups, and you are often asked to assume leadership roles. Famous Teachers include Mikhael Gorbachev, Pope John Paul II, Ralph Nader, and Oprah Winfrey."

Okay, the results are so true. I am a good teacher. I am capable to help people to express their inner potential. Well, I guessed, I'm gifted? Haha. I'm so grateful, then. But, I am a 'teacher' who only know how to motivate her students and didn't know how to motivate herself. Pffsh. So, people, try this. And explore your own personality. Insyaallah, whatever the quiz said are true!

P/S: I can't believe I really trust this thing X)


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