Monday, November 29, 2010

Being a tutor for SPM student.

Okay, this was like a task has been given to me from Adam. There's this one girl who are taking her SPM examination this year. He asked Adam to help her in preparation for Physics and Chemistry. But unfortunately, Adam haven't finished his finals. He's still away from JB. Then, I don't know what has got into his mind, he straight away ask me to replace his place.
Come on, people. Do you really think I'm capable in doing this? Its Physics and Chemistry, dude. I'm ok if its Additional Mathematics or Biology. Nevermind, I can try my best. I looked at the positive side, there's must be reason that I'm the 'chosen' one to replace Adam's place. I think Adam got faith and trust in me. Bhahaha.
I've decided that I'm going to revise all the topics that she wants to discuss. But all of my books, I gave my sister to use it. Sigh.
So, last Sunday, I went to TIJB for this tutorial thing. I met her there. She's insider. I bring myself, phone and purse. No books and notes. What the hell. Macam lah pandai sangat. Luckily, she's Teha's friend. And coincidently, my primary school junior. So, its not awkward to talk and teach her and yeah she brings her friend along. Alhamdulillah, I'm not making fool of myself in front of them. Eventhough I'm not clever and excellent as Adam but at least, I helped them a bit.
And this coming Wednesday, I'll teach them Physics again. But this time, I've prepared something. Which was good though :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hi, Peeps :)

Hello, everyone. I'm back while I was away for almost a week. As you know, I was having my first examination for degree level. What can I say? Its freaking damn hard. Even the geniuses in my class said it was difficult. What about me, then? I've done last minutes preparation, sleeping and blah. So, I might just patiently wait for the results and accept it calmly. Sigh.

Obstacles Before and During Examination

1. The most typical problem that every student will faced. Inability in concentrating while revising/studying.
2. My wisdom tooth is erupting, which causes the gum swells. Big one. Its very pain. Pain enough to make me cry. And its very distracting when I'm having the Multiple Choices Question (MCQ) for Oral Biology subject.
3. The questions are difficult! There's this essay paper, it got two sections. Section A and B. Section A is the long essay. Given two questions and have to choose one. Which cost 100 marks for each question. Section B is the short essay. Given four questions and answer it all. This one is 50 marks for each question. What the fish? How to answer? The unexpected questions are out. And I don't know what to throw up in the paper. I don't know what to write. In my answer sheet, I used only half of the page with large handwriting for 50 marks question.
4. OSPE paper. Its the examination for practical. Its weird for the first timer like me. The exam were held in a lab. Its divided into 15 separated sections. In every section got 1 question. Only three minutes are provided for each question. To me, it was tense. Because, if the question are difficult, you got no time to think efficiently.

Okay, enough for now. I just got back from KL this 3.00 am in the morning. I'll story to you my post-examination 'celebration'. I want to sleep now.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm going home!

Yes! Finally I got the chance to go back home and gather with my family. This time all of them are at home. Eventhough for only 5 days I'll be at home. I'm taking the 5 o'clock in the evening ride back to Johor Bahru. So, this morning I woke up and do my laundry and packing my books. I have to bring the books along with me this time. For some preparation due to the upcoming examination.
I just watched 'My Mom's New Boyfriend', now I'm updating my blog instead of rushing to finish the syllabus. Sigh-ness -.-"

Dear bestfriend,

I don't know if you read this. But if you do, i'm sorry for your loss. Your RM10 credit for 2 hour and a half talks and laughs and flashbacks. Woohoo! Really brighten up my day :) And also your lappy! I know its precious and no more Coffee Prince and Grey's Anatomy for filling up your 'take 5' and boringness. But thats okay. I'm sure you'll replaced it soon. I'm hoping that you learnt your lesson to lock your door at night. And oh yeah, it seems like a very long time we haven't chit chatting together huh? Each of us are always busy. We also haven't spend time together since last Ramadhan. I'm looking forward to it for the next semester. Bear that in mind. Well, I hate to say this, but I'm kind of missing you. Haha! I'm so sweet. I know! :) So, we're having our finals on the same day. Best wishes for you. Wish me luck too, dude. Thanks for the advices and the quotes. *Yeah! Don't forget to ask me that particular quote next year. I promise, I'll answer it differently.*

Yes, I glad that my bestfriend are still a weirdo.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Specially dedicate to you, dear besties :)

I just want to share with you this awesome-ness of this boy. He's just so damn great.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

I hope she's going to be alright.

I'm talking about my friend, Farah Fadzreen here. At 12 pm today, me and my friends are going to 'Pusat Kesihatan' because we're vaccinate-ing Hepatitis B. Coincidentally Een was sick. She's keep vomitting and got diarrhoea. She was so weak. Then we adviced her to seek a doctor. The Doctor took her blood and urine sample to the lab. After a while, the results were out and the doctor suspected her to have appendix or urinary tract infection. Due to presence of blood and a tiny piece of 'meat' in her urine. Sounds serious and quite scary right. Then, she was submitted to Klang Hospital for further examinations and maybe operation? Because the nurse told that she have to puasa for two days. Pity her. She lived in Sarawak. Her family are far away from her. We want to accompany her but we got problems in transportation. I just hope that she's going to be alright.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


JPA banked in liao!! So, I got money and I'm sort of rich now. My friend bought DSLR camera, new handphone, watch, new spectacle, shoes. But, I don't even have the desire to spend the money. Dammit finals are coming dude. My mind are focusing to study now. Too many to read. And too bad that I hate reading, so its hard to me :( Many task and work to do lately. And thanks to Deepavali holiday, I managed to settled those works. Alhamdulillah.

So today story, I put my bag at the locker located outside of the lab. Then, I went to lunch, when I want to pay the food that I'm going to buy, then I found my money are gone. Only RM50 in my purse. Thank god I didn't put many in it. But still, RM50 I can use it for 3-5 days what. Piff.

Recently, in class, we had to do tooth carving. We used wax to carve incisor (front), premolar and molar (back of the teeth) of the teeth. Its like art. We have to carve it very detail, complete with the ridge and the groove. So, sounds difficult right. It was. But, I really enjoyed doing it. Its interesting. I prefer carving the whole day than listening to the lectures.

From a block of wax turning into a tooth.
I got a friend who loves guitar a lot. He'll perform at Bukit Jalil this coming 25th November. I want to come but I don't have friends to go with. If someone free n that particular day, please inform me.

Shit! I got to go.
Chiaw Ngiaw.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Midnight.

Hello, friends. In the middle of the night, I would like to write something. I had just woke up from my 2 hours nap. Practically its not a nap, its a long sleep. Tomorrow's holiday! (Deepavali) Yayy! I want to do my oral biology report. Before that I've read notes about Dajjal in Facebook. Its really creeping me out. Its sounds very scary with the pictures. Ugh. Suddenly goosebumps all over me. "Great, I'm alone tonight", I thought. My roomate gone overnight somewhere to study I guessed. I hope I'll be fine tonight.

So, finals are getting nearer huh? I mean, my finals. My friends's finals were almost over. Mine are on 22nd November. I'm nervous, but I don't know why I still didn't start study. Whatever it'll be, I really hope I can manage my time geniously and will be fully prepared. Amin.

My assignment about creating a blog, we got our marks already. Haha. So, guess what did I got? 21 over 25 again. But its quite okay okay compared to others. I'm satisfied with my mark anyway.

Okay, thats it. Very random post in the middle of the night. I want to continue doing my report. Good night, dear bloggers.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trip to Kelantan.

Its my first time going to Kelantan. Well. Its a great trip anyway. Majorly its because of the Intervarsity Sports Games. Sadness and happiness gained while I'm in the trip. So, my comment about Kelantan, firstly, I thought we'll be on highway like for hours. Instead, we're on jalan kampung all the way. Zig zag here and there, sharp selekoh here and there. My head's super duper dizzy and thank God I don't even feel like vomit at all.

Then, in Kelantan, all the papan tanda of the shop, got jawi writing. They jawi-ing all the name of the shop. Even if the shop name was in English. For example, Streamyx, Proffesional Power Tools, Happy, Champion Acsesssories, Primary Assembly Church and many more maybe? Try to write all these names in Jawi. You'll find it quite hilarious.

After that, I saw paddy field on our way back. A lot of them! I've never seen one in my entire life. Of course, I was super duper jakun in the bus. I wanted to take pictures of it, but I was in the bus, raining, and my camera won't be able to capture the paddy field beautifully and sharp. Sigh.

Lastly, we went to the shops there. To buy some souvenirs. They said tudung in Kelantan were very nice, variety and cheap. Then, I bought two. I thought the price that I paid was cheap already. But my friend told me, I can get more cheaper if I can kecek kelate. Way more cheaper. They said sometimes the seller cheated the price tag. Well, I don't know about that. But if they really did it, its really over.

I heard all the foods in Kelantan were sweet. It'll taste horrible and bizarre. And thank god, all the food that I ate, none of them taste sweet. Except for the kuih muih.

When the last day we're in Kelantan, its like raining all the way. Then, I saw flood. Not very severe and dangerous. But its still flood everywhere. It covered the tyre of the car, the floor of the houses, the floor of the post office, the parit  and longkang of course.

Now, lets talk about the sports. As I told you, I participated in futsal. Well, UiTM sent two female futsal team. Our team got the fourth place. The other team got third place and they got bronze medal. So, the sad part was, I was reserved. I know I was sucks. My coach knew it too. Then, there's one match my coach ask me to play. So, I played. I was in the court, they were shouting and tell me what to do, then I followed. Well, what do you expect when a sucker in the court playing in a match and people were hoping she'll score a goal? I was damn panicked and sucks. Then my coach shouted something that let me down. He straight away substitute me with other striker. Piff. I hate futsal since then.
*Dear coach, if you read this, I wanted to say that I don't want to play futsal again. You'll hate me because I was, am and will sucks like forever.

I was crying, not particularly because he let me down, its because I remembered my test results was very bad. I was thinking that, I'm sucks in studies and sports. Then it made me cry, cry and cry. Thanks to Abu for calming me down :) I'm a lot more better after crying.
So, the happy part was, at the end of the event, there were tarik tali event happening. There're for female and male. Guess what?? I took part in it. Just for fun. Its my first time anyway. So, UiTM won. Gold medal. For the female team. Haha. The only gold for UiTM.

Intervarsity Sports Games in USM, Kubang Kerian

Taking picture with the medal and UiTM flag.

UiTM squad.

Tarik tali gang.

Dinner on the night of the event.

My futsal team.

This is what I like about tarik tali. Everyone's supporting you non-stop!

Gold medal, baybehh!

Bite the medal:)

Male futsal team got third place.

Two tudung that I'd bought.