Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's been a long time I left zapin. Last time, it was at school. I was fifteen that time. Me and a large group of friends performed on the school Sports Day event. I wasn't that graceful anyway. It's just for fun and gained experience. Today, me and my course-mate performed zapin in front of the VIP, the Dean, deputies, lecturers and friends. On the stage. Only 7 of us. Haha! I tell you what, I was damn nervous back then. But, I smiled to overcome those nervous-ness. Its cute, right. I know. Hehh.
Anyway, my bestfriend told me, I was getting more and more narcisist lately. Honestly, I don't even realize where that narcisism come from. I don't know. I'm just proud of myself. Well, obviously it's the definition of narcist :)))
Continue to my zapin story, after I finished perform, my classmate said this to me, "Eh, Nani. Aku tak tahu pun yang kau boleh menari dengan lembut? Kau kan selalu ganas. Tak pe, keep up the good work dan tingkatkan usaha anda". Haha. It's Mirul who said that. The funniest girl in class. Again, I'm proud of myself. You must be annoyed. Hehh!
Here's some picture of me in zapin costume.

I wore eyeliner and some blusher. But, it seems like I'm not wearing any make-up.

Me, Kak Najla, Sam and Kak Kila.

Thanks for reading, peeps.
Especially that particular YOU :)

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