Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hey honey. I put on a hold from posting my drawings, due to something. And, I done like, 15 so far. I don't have any inspiration, I don't have ideas. I've been busy doing sisters and mothers errand. Like, send my lil sister and brother to madrasah, then help my mom doing the cook thaang, go to the supermarket buying stuffs that my mom asked, cleaning the mess that my lil siblings did, and went to the mosque, my sisters asked me to watch movie with them, accompany my dad to go to Singapore doing something something, and yeah, loads more. So, the little time that left, is for me to draw.

Oh, what's up with me? As usual, being emotional and depressed due to something that wasn't important. I'm tired of doing this, I hate this kinda feelings, but it left me no choice to just swallow it. Like, you know this ain't a voluntary action. The more you hold, the more you hurt. Whatthaheck right. None to ask, just ignore.


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Number 9.

I watch The Glee Project yesterday, their challenge is vulnerability. Like, Kurt's wearing tshirt 'Like Boys', Quinn's wearing 'Lucy Kaboosey', Santana's wearing 'Lebanese (lesbian, LOL)' and others wearing their tshirt with their weaknesses on their chest.
So, I'm thinking what's my biggest weakness? And I came out with 'Insecure'. I bet everyone has their own insecurities, but mine is proliferating since I failed so bad in semester 1. I became paranoid and everything all seems so negative. I think those who followed my blog, must've been realized that I, suddenly become all emotional and shits.
And, I want to tear off the cardboard (drawn above) and found a solution. Muhaha. Which is, work very hard and try to not fail bad. I know, everything has it's ups and downs, but I want to prevent that to happen. Can I? But, it's hard, yeah everything in the world is hard.

Wish me luck, buddy! ;)


Number 8.

Ugh, I'm moving so slow. I don't think I can make it (30 drawings by the end of Ramadan), but I'm trying to work as hard as I can. 
Anyway, above is a dreamcatcher. Remember Jacob Black gave as a birthday present (if I'm not mistaken) to Bella Swan? Yeah, but I kinda design this myself. It's not perfect though. But, who cares? My siblings don't know what's a dreamcatcher. They never heard of them. Puuuuff. Dreamcatcher is, aaaah, just read here.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Number 7.

Masterchef Australia kitchen. Look at the people I drew. Hehe, inspired by some architecture student's sketching. Cool huh?

Imagine you're one of the Masterchef contestant. You knew this is the place where you will learn a lot of new things and new skills by Masterclass (of course, duh?), friends and especially comments from the professionals. You expect something from them, for you to improve and become more skillful.

Okay, today's challenge is do a dessert. You tried your best, and done very confidently. And, when the judges taste your dessert, they commented, "Good, you may go to your table". How would you feel?

If I'm in your shoes, I'll be clueless, as in, I expect more, I need something like, "Oh, nice presentation. Okay let me taste. Hmm, very delicious, nice texture, less sweet but you put the guava more, which make it more fresh, I like it, it's very nice, I want to eat this again tomorrow! Good job!" or, "Ooh, what is this? Bad presentation, very dull, it looks very plain. But, it's okay, let see how it taste. Haaa, so, hmmm, okay, this is, em, not nice. The sauce is bitter, the texture is hard, the guava is too much, I can't even appreciate the sweetness of this dessert. Nani, I hope to see you in Pressure Test tomorrow".


Little Brother.

Number 6.

Yesterday, the weather in JB was rainy and windy. So, basically every body, I bet must be laze around the house, sleeping under the warm blanket and such. And my little brother said this,

K: Mama, hujan lah. Keyi tak nak pergi sekolah agama. (Clothes-less and wandering in front of the screen watching Spongebob)
M: Takde, takde, kena pergi. Dah lah, hari Jumaat dah ponteng.

So, here, the sketching of my lil brother wearing his school shoes, for Madrasah.

Oh, oh, thanks to Adam for convincing me to buy the sketch book. Say goodbye to A4paper and big-blue-science-school book :D

Monday, August 15, 2011


Number 5.

Inspired by Mr Men and Little Miss characters. I invented one.

So, Alhamdulillah. Allah gave me hidayah to wear hijab. I start to wear (really) permanently, when I was 18. And, many of them said that, now women wear hijab just because of the fashion. I thought, Alhamdulillah, at least, there's fashion that influenced women to use hijab and cover their beautiful hair.

Psst, the scanner ain't functioning, thus I'm just using 3 MP handphone camera.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Number 4.

I, with no sketching skill, hereby, presents you, my randomly sketching.

Innalillah, my friend, Mohammad Sempurna passed away today at 1230 pm. I went to the hospital to visit him at 1130 am. He was in the ICU room, the special one, in the glass room. His life depends on the machine. Obviously, he's coma. I've been told that, he's sick due to over-stress at work. He vomitted a lot,  get up to get some pills, then collapsed. My other friend told me that, his blood vessel at the main nerve (I guessed) burst. I think it's caused by thromboembolism.

So, let us pray and hope, Allah will forgive his sins and insya'Allah, he will be placed among the Soleh. 


Swirly Tree.

Number 3.

Alice under the tree, reading a book.
There's owl/cat (depends on how you observe it) in the tree.
Oh, there's message in the tree. If you saw them, tell me by leave a comment.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Lost.

Number 2.

Forgive me for the low quality image. This is my second sketching. Huda XD saw my first sketching, she said, it was kinda lame. Because it's not original, I copied Disney's Mickey. As in, that Mickey wasn't my idea. She said, do something that I wanna draw, what I think, and why.

And, I come out with this (pointed above picture).  I'm lost. I actually lost back then, I don't get the fully idea of this challenge.

So, the picture explains, the girl in the middle, is lost. *See, she got no shadow! I think, her shadow also lost and trying to find her body* She blurred and slow. She can't think of which one to prefer or admire or adore or follow in her life. She always be in the middle of choices and said, "I don't know, I'm not sure myself, I think, I forgot....".

Let me explain what I drew/sketched, in case you don't see what am I doing. The right one is Black Metal Guy (sweating playing guitar). The right one is Ballad Guy (singing love song to the moon and ask the moon to tell his love that.....yak.....yak.....yak....) The girl is an intermediate girl. She's not sure what she likes. Either black metal or ballad.

It's more original, I guessed. Because I'm not copying from anywhere. It's just came out from my brain. And, my shading asal boleh jek. More original but, it's hideous compared with other challengers, but looking great if compared to Primary 1 students. 


Ramadhan Challenge.

What challenge? Challenge of come out with 30 anything by the end of this holy month. I was asked to join this challenge by HudaXD. Well, basically she wants to see what am I 'made' up of. As in, she wants to see how creative am I. She's an architectural student. Well, duh, creative and talented in sketching and drawing and do whatever in art, I shall say. So, people, ready what am I came out with, today. You'll might be fainted after this. Gulp.

Number 1.

See the writings? I wrote, "Hello! I'm a NOOB in sketching". Top left is 320am, which the time I started to draw. Bottom left, END AT 355 am. I think, HudaXD can just sketch this Mickey with just 5 minutes. I don't know how to shade. Thus, I just go hentam-hentam one lehhh. Do you see Mickey's face as Mickey, or Mickey's granndy? I shaded those, not that I'm sketching Mickey's moustache and beard, okay?

Okay, why Mickey? It's because, the table where I about to use to start this project, got this 'Playhouse Disney Encyclopedia'. And, I saw Mickey and Minnie and Winnie the Pooh and Handy Manny guy on the cover page. Well I thought, "I don't know how to sketch. Hmph, nah, just give it a try by just sketch Mickey". Then, that's the answer why is Mickey the chosen one to be the first picture appeared.

So, here it is. My humble 'sketching' :DD

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Green Ribbon

"Once there was a girl named Jenny. She was like all the other girl, except for one thing. She always wore a green ribbon around her neck. There was a boy named Alfred in her class. Alfred liked Jenny and Jenny liked Alfred. One day he asked her, “Why do you wear that ribbon all the time?” “I cannot tell you,” said Jenny. But Alfred keep asking, “Why do you wear it?” and Jenny would say, “It is not important”. Jenny and Alfred grew up and fell in love.

One day they got married. After their wedding, Alfred said “Now we are married, you must tell me about the green ribbon.” “You still must wait,” said Jenny “I will tell you when the right time comes”. Years passed. Alfred and Jenny grew old. One day Jenny became very sick. The doctor told her she was dying. Jenny called Alfred to her side. “Alfred, now I will tell you about the green ribbon . Untie it, and you will see why I could not tell you before.” Slowly and carefully, Alfred untied the ribbon, and Jenny’s head fell off."

FUNNY! Haha. I bet her 'green' ribbon had turned all brownish-blackish-doesn't-look-like-green-anymore due to the dirts on her body, had stained the ribbon. Yuck! Imagine, from school days until she grew old? Thank God it's fiction. Haha.
You wonder why I post this story? It's actually because I want to update my blog, but I don't know what to write about. And, two days ago, my little sister insisted to type this, her favourite story she got from The Book Of Riddles..something..something..I forgot. So, there, there, all the above texts, yes, she typed it all. Well, my little sister is 9 years old now, okay. Of course, she know how to type. She ain't a small girl!

I hope this story is funny enough to make you smile :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm not dead yet.

Hello, honey bunny! I am so sorry for abondoning this blog. I think, it's almost 2 weeks right? Last minute-depression stroke me. And, I'm busy with studying and worshipping Allah. It left me no time to update this blog. My special semester has over now. I, now, back to my hometown and celebrate Ramadhan and InsyaAllah, this coming Syawal with family. I am so happy with Ramadhan, yet for Syawal, my feelings are neutral. I don't know why. But, I do, can't wait for Raya foods :D

Okay, now, it's 11th Ramadhan 1432 (right?), I know, I am so late, obviously, for wishing Happy Fasting to my Muslims friends and Happy Go-To-Bazaar-Ramadhan-There're-Lots-Of-Delicious-Foods to my Non-Muslims friends :) I shall compete with other Muslims to do ibadah on Lailatul'Qadar night.

Hey, people! I want to share with you something.

Don't feel bad when others are lucky, while you're not. It's their rezeki for the time being. You just have to wait for your turn, to come up next. I always said that life is unfair. But, without you realized it, life is actually fair. After some time later, we received gifts from God. Then, we are the one who're lucky when others aren't. God is always fair. Patience must be with us. Challenge must be accepted and handled professionally.

PS: Someone called me cupcakes. I ask you, am I that sweet? X)