Monday, January 10, 2011

Hey, hey you!

I just want to tell you that I might not updating my blog for, maybe a week. Because there are tonnes of assignment that have to be finished. Gingivitis and Candidiasis were that's all about. Well, my bad I haven't change this habit, last minutes preparations. Come on, Nani. This is new year. Hehh. Hahh! I also want to tell you that I want to go to Universiti Malaya this weekend. Because I got friends who are entering the battle of the band there. It will be held at night. I must stay somewhere, right? It's too late for me to go back to Shah Alam that night, alone and it's dangerous. But then, I got no close female friends who stayed at the college there. I want to go soo badly :( You know what? The event will be on 15th January night. Which in the morning on that day, I got PBSM. You know, like the school days, kokorikulum. Pffsh. Then, on 16th I got PBSM Annual Grand Meeting. It's Sunday, siah! That's the part which I don't agree at all. I know, it's not important at all. But there's marks included for Kemahiran Insaniah (KI). Darn, KI. So, I have to attend. Plus, the attendance are more strict lah now. I don't want to repeat PBSM for another one sem. That'll so yucks.


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