Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today, we had lunch at Noodle Station. This was because to celebrate Ummi's birthday. We didn't prepare any surprise for her. But, I'd made a birthday card for her. She said it's so sweet. Well, I'm flattered :)
So, before we're having our lunch, we took some pictures and a video. I watched back the video and I saw me talking to the camera, with eyes closed. What thaaa? As long as I remember, while recording the video, I was opening my eyes and making 'eye-contact' with the lens of the camera. And I asked my friends, "Mata aku memang macam ni eh kalau berbual?". Then, they asked me back, "Kau buka mata ke selalunya kalau berbual?". Omg, I was like this, -.-"
I swear, I can't see my eyes when I'm watching the video. And sumpah, I never realize that my eyes are that 'big'.

So friends, I'm just going to tell you that whenever I'm talking to you,
MY EYES ARE OPENED. Seriously, I am making 'eye-contact' with you. Oh, unfortunately, I don't have the video with me, so I don't have the evidence to show you.

Hoo-yeah, this is the card that I'd made for Ummi.

This is the picture of me and a 10 months baby that we met at surau.
I just can't resist! She's so cute. And it's been a while I didn't hug or carry or whatever, a baby.

P/S: I want a BB Cream so muchh! Huargh!

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