Sunday, September 30, 2012

Social Media

I've been wondering why did I followed too many people on Twitter and Instagram. Not Facebook, of course. Despite the fact that I wanna stalk them, I found out actually I need to see and know what happen to the world outside there. Simply saying that, I can't have what they (people I followed) are having. Like, go on a vacation to the most interesting places on Earth, having fun times friends and family, eat good food which in other word is, eat expensive food, bake and cook their favourite dishes, having endlessly shopping, etc.
Did you realize its all materialistic?

Besides, I love to see how others doing with their lives. Kepoh? Nope, I call this curiousity. They have a rack of books, a bunch of cool activities with friends, see greenery, beautiful places, being fashionable effortlessly. What i'm trying to say is, I wish to have that life. Doing things that they love everyday. Gleefully everyday. Beautiful everyday. Am not saying that I don't like my life. And i'm not blaming dentistry to be so tough and busy and having class at 8-5 every single day. No i'm not blaming em. I hope.
I'm grateful with my life. Probably this is the best for me.

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Mental Problem

I think I am suffered from a slight mental problem. Which arose from an abrupt low confidence that I 'gained' during the last two years. It was so drastic, it made me shocked. A hell lot of shockness. I am not like this during my Foundation on 2008/2009. I was so fine with myself. Now everything is a mess. My mind works so hard indirectly, it made my neck become a bit of stiffness. My face frowns too much. I lost my excitedness towards bright colours. I am more focused on normal, common, dull colours.

By the way, side track sekejap, I got a bunch of friends who MADE FUN of me during the past two years because I do colour-blocking. You can never imagine how I was struggling to become positive while at the same time, that drastic-low-confidence is attacking. Its hard, believe me. And now I SEE that they are actively trying to do colour-blocking as well. Fuck, how am I supposed to react with that?

Anyway the main point is, I don't ask for this to happen. To me. I know this is a challenge Allah sent me to be strong, and to find the inner side of me. Allah won't send challenges that His servants can't cope. Bear that.
Okay, let's think the bright side of all this. There's hikmah behind all this. Probably after this I'll become more confident than all people in the world and achieve The Most Confident Woman award. Yeah, who knows what will happened in future, right.

World is just getting weirder, and thus people need to keep on being in the right path and work hard to maintain in it.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello! After months.

Hi, beloved friends. I want to apologise for not updating my blog. My laptop was having some problems with its chip display. So I've been surfing the net via my smartphone. So, a lot of things happened to me last a few months. I tweeted a lot about it. A lot of insecurities, vulnerabilities, low confidence, all in one. Like usual. To make it short, I passed my second professional exams, and I am a third year dental student now. I am entering clinical situations now, where i'll be handling a real patient. No more dummies. I'm actually kinda excited because, I am officially running towards Malaysian Next Top Dentists LOL! Dude, being a dentist ain't easy. Depression, stresses, tensions are normal. My deputy dean said, "Don't worry, there'll be cryings". Well I bet being any professions ain't that easy either.

I am sure you don't wanna know about my puasa and raya experience. So yeah, we'll skip that.

During my holidays, I started to watch a sinetron (as what Indonesians usually called). It came from a novel to movies to dramas. The title is, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih. I was addicted to it. It really is a good drama, well to me at least. It has a lot of islamic contents in it, which I think we can make them as a role model to us. They really practice what islam taught us to be. That's it. I don't actually know how to 'persuade' you to watch and share what you think about it with me, so yeah I hope you'll watch. Haha.

Till then. Wait by the way, I am now searching for patients who are interested in making a full denture. Usually those who already had none teeth at all on their mouth. Please, your mother/father/grandma/grandpa who can come to UiTM Shah Alam for treatment. He/She must give commitments through out the sessions until the denture is ready to wear. Seven visits or seven appointments that they have to attend. As it will be made by a dental student, thus the procedure is tedious. Not tedious, but detail I would say. Because we're learning ayy? ;p

Wish me luck! :D