Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm grateful.

I'm grateful that I'm still single. Because just now I saw a friend talking to the phone for like, 1 hour? I don't know, I don't care. To me, it's a waste  of time. You can do something else which are more important than talking to the phone for hours. And, I'm also grateful that I'm single! Haha, I am repeating it, wasn't I? Seriously, I don't want to have anybody in my personal life now.
I'm sorry, lately I spend most of my time doing group discussion. Which I like the most. My time isn't wasting just like that. So, I was quite away from polishing my writing skills, by updating my darn blog. I'm grateful to have them in my life, so far as I can see, they ALWAYS enlightened up my days as a dental student.
Last Saturday, I went to a preloved sale at Old Blossom Box. I saw four fashion bloggers there: Jezmine Zaidan, Ami Schaheera, Yanny and Sue Anna Joe (a photographer). My purpose was actually to see the environment in that sale. And, I saw so many fashionable hijabers, including me! Haha. Well, I'm not that fashionable. I'm just common :) Next, I went to iamjetfuelshop by Yuna at Subang Jaya. The outfit there were cool and out-of-my-budget. I bought a shawl costs rm39.90 there. To me, it's expensive and the design are awesome. Oh, it's the most expensive shawl in my closet! Usually, I bought only at rm5-rm15. But, oh well.
On that particular day, it's my first time eat macarons. Macarons by Aishah Nordin. Do you know what is macarons? It's like kuih to me. Haha. It was 4 for rm10. Again, expensive kan? I bought rm20. Well, I never bought macarons before, so I don't know what are the supposedly price for macarons. So, macarons that I ate got flavourings: salted caramel, mocha and apricot. It was super delicious and sweet! I like 'em, but if it's cheaper, I'll like it more. Next time, I'll buy for my family. *Random thoughts*

My hatred towards a friend of mine, grows wildly. I didn't do anything shitty to her and suddenly she's avoiding talking to me and making eye contact with me. I was like, 'What the fuck is going on here?', 'What the fuck did I do wrong', 'What the fuck is wrong with you behaving like this?' and the problem is, she only treated ME that way, which made me more confusing and annoyed!
"Dear maam, I know you will read this, please can we have a slow-talk, face-to-face or heart-to-heart session together? Because we will be in the same class for the next four years. So, I don't want to experience this junkie-fatty-fucking-shit anymore. Frankly to say, I don't like this avoidance feelings, because if you don't like my weirdow attitude, you can tell me through SMS, inbox me in Facebook or you can even send me letter, because our other friends don't have any difficulty getting along with me. So, you don't have to keep it to yourself, maam. It'll hurt you, and it'll hurt me the most. So, I really hope you'll do something. And i'll be waiting for your response. Thank you. PS: I'm sorry I don't have the gut to talk to you about this thing, you may call me coward, because I am.."

Dear bloggers, you don't know me well, thus don't judge me by reading my blog.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am having my take-5!

Hello, bloggers. My blog was abandoned by me for almost 1 week and a half. How am I doing now? Well, I'm fine. I'm doing great. Musculoskeletal module was over, I handled em' good (not so good, I almost gone mad due to the difficult lectures). The tests, I am desperately hope, I won't get fail again.
So, what did I do for celebrating the end of this module? I go shopping! It's been a long time ago, I didn't go shopping. On last weekend, I bought 4 pairs of shoes, a dress and 2 tank tops. Gila! 4 shoes? I am not a shoes-holic, alright. Cotton On got sale, the shoes are freaking cheap. Their espadrilles wedges are sooooo comfortable! Besides shopping, me, Huda Che Senu and Fatin Amirah spent time together by sleeping over at Fatin's house. But, I was so tired back then, thus we didn't spend the night by having the pillow-talk. Sigh, what a waste! We hardly got the time to seriously spend time together. Anyway, we watched Black Swan. Deespite the psycho-ness of Nina, the movie are all about masterbate. Nina always masturbate in this movie. I don't understand. Haha.
On Sunday, me and Huda spend the day at KL. We, with our sneakers and me with backpack, we seems like a couple of travellers who lost in the middle of KL. With the drizzly rain. It feels great.
And now, I am feeling so awesome. Why? I have my own study group!!! I am so happy, less stress, I understand the lectures completely, haa, what else? Complete, maam! I cannot imagine how am I going to live without them. 'Them' refers to Anis Najihah, Razil Tahir and Amirul Adira. Anis, the most 'rajin' girl in the group. Razil, the genius. Amirul, the most funny and always come out with creative analogies. While me? The questionaire girl. Haha. I hope, this group remain like this until we graduate, please? Amin.
Today, SPM results are coming out. Teha (my sister) got her result. She's quite upset with her results. Why? Because, mine was slightly higher than hers. *Evil laughs. Alaa, she did great anyway. She worked her ass off. Well, I just hope she'll choose the right one for her university application soon.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No network coverage.

Psst, this post is a little bit formal. Why? Because, my seniors might read this, thus, I don't want to curse so much here :)

Yes, we (me and the whole dental faculty, UiTM) went to a camp at KELA Adventure Camp, Raub, Pahang. We spend the whole weekend, from Friday until Sunday. The camp site was so deep in the jungle, we can’t even find any network coverage there. Yeah, there’s a big tsunami at Japan and a badminton tournament between Chong Wei and Lin Dan, also we didn’t even know until the day we came back home.

So, how adventure was KELA Adventure Camp?

First, it’s deep in the jungle, there no network coverage. You can release your stress here.

Second, everything at the camp site was man-built, despite the river and trees of course. The tables, the ‘tower’, the hut/cottage/small house, the dorm, the surau, the toilet, everything! It was roofed with palm leaves and bamboo floored. So classic and village-y. Oh, the toilet! It has no roof, big cement-made tub, and toilet bowls with no flush. No flush is it? I forgot. They purposely made it that way. It was so open, all the girls bathed with the kain batik or clothes on. River water was the main water resources there. 100%! The cement-made tub was distributed with river water through a pipe. Thus, the water was quite turbid. But, we think at the bright side of the water, which was river water is air mutlak. Thus, it is still in the clean-guaranteed.
Third, the activities were adventurous too.
First, there were two version of night walking in the deep jungle. The first one was walking in the group and the second one was walking alone. Can you imagined, that night was rainy and very very dark. When we’re walking in a group, we were given two torch lights. But, in the individual walking, there was no torch light given! Yet, there were blinking lights along the pathway. It was so scary. I got a friend, she was so scared until she cried and her face turns pale. It was a total darkness in there. I can only see the blinking lights. If there was really a ghost in there, well I really can’t see it. There was muddy all over the place, and the earth was very slippery. My friend slipped and got a wound on her palm.
Second, water confident and water trekking. We were given a life jacket each. It was my first time wearing a life jacket. Okay, you may call me outdated. We were briefed about how to wear a life jacket if we ever got a chance again. Well, you know how it feels, if you had wore one. We were taught how to float in the river. There are lying on your back (melentang) and also lying on your belly (meniarap). Then we were drifted away following the flows. It was so fun! I wish I can float all the way the river. Oh, by the way, the river called Sungai Lipis. Ever heard of it?
Third, rope challenging, rafting and flying fox. It’s all about heights. Each of us must walk on a rope with a diameter about 1-3 cm and hold a rope at each of our hand. It’s difficult and scary and vibrating. Flying fox, oh I’m sure all of you have tried them. Rafting, there’s one challenge made by my year 5 seniors. We’re asked to bring the raft against the current. Whattha? It’s fun, and super tiring and dehydrated. Rafting was the most tiring activity ever.

The Malam Kebudayaan was the best, to me. All groups’ performance was so great and funny and damn entertaining. All of my friends and seniors show their true colours! And ‘Kak Limah Balik Rumah’ and Raja Lawak concept owned that night. Wow, I never knew Kak Limah was so popular and everyone-fave-movie nowadays eh? There were boria, dikir barat, drama musical and pantomen. The host are the best part. They’re like Johan and Zizan during hosting Raja Lawak. So funneh!

My group (group number 7) did boria. Oh, I didn’t mention my group had 18 members, right? My group had the most many members in it.  Well, I have to admit. At first, I don’t actually like my group members because I know no one. But, after these 3 days, guess what? I love them! They’re so great, so co-operative and so sporting too. Because of them, we won third place overall and received ‘The Most Co-operative Group Ever’ award. Haha, well, co-operation are team building is all about.

The last part was the session with the fifth batch. They’re so awesome because they survived and almost success dental surgery course and will be the future dental surgeon in 7 weeks time. Congratulations! They also did some activities that test our ‘team-building’ skills. You know, like following the leader’s instructions, help our members, and stuffs. Our group had succeed and won the challenge. Hehe.

Lastly, camping at the great camp site, with awesome participants, co-operative group members, nostalgic moments sleeping in the hut, fun activities, delightful committee, eye-catching scenery are listed in one of the best moment in my life!

Some friends camwhoring before they took off.

Look, how 'man-built' was the hut.

Our banner or bunting, I don't know.

KELA Camp!
Waiting for their turn for the rope challenge and flying fox.
Rope challenge #1
Yayy! This is me, preparing for the rope challenge and flying fox.

Rope challenge #2

Haha! Look at her face, man!
Flying fox.

Barbeque night.
I am waiting for the next ‘Kem Team Building’.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Towards fitness.

Yesterday, my friends and I went to Pusat Sukan, UiTM. There was an event or programme held there by Faculty of Science and Recreation. It's called Wellness X Seven. It's an aerobic kind of exercise. Which is very good type of exercise.
My lecturer told me that aerobic is much more better than jogging. Because it will undergo aerobic respiration. Ever heard of it? Our body will produce many energy and will have sufficient oxygen to all parts of the body. Unlike, vigorous exercise, like jogging or sprinting, you'll be exhausted and hypoxia (lack of oxygen).
Wellness X Seven include, hip hop, cardio kick, qi gongzumba, and also pilates. Well, my favourite are hip hop and zumba. It's like dancing. So great and sweaty. Haha. The people who attend were so sporting and cool and happening! I was so happy and I felt healthy :) I'll go again next time.

She's a friend of mine. The most popular pengkid in school. Well, I guess SIGS-ians knew her.

Tomorrow, I will be going to Raub, Pahang. There is an activity or camping called 'Team Building'. All of the dental students of UITM are compulsory to join. Well, I'm not excited, due to something. But, I'm happy because I'm free of studying for 3 days. Yayy! But, this Monday, I have Behavioral Science test. Which I don't know what to read and I don't know what kind of question will be asked. So, I'm terrified, because it's a TEST.

I think I'm fat, but I don't want to be aneroxia or bulimia.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

She moved on.

* * *

At first, she planned to take her best friends' advice, to avoid Minah (pfft, not her real name, duhh?) or give a fuck and smile. Yes, she chose to avoid Minah instead of give a fuck and smile. To her, it's like rude. So, she didn't realize that she actually avoiding everyone in her life. She being some sort like anti-social and always wanted to be alone. Which made her more suffered. Then, she became depressed and more depressed until it affected people who she loved.
She started to think bad about people. She thought that everyone are avoiding her. She thinks negatively. She doesn't even try to think positively. 
Until, there's one day, someone told her that she should think positive. He also said that she actually starts to change to someone like, 'The-Annoyance-To-All-People', which was so different from the real her. Then she suddenly realize that she shouldn't behave that way, right? She cannot bear the future-fact that people are going to be annoyed by her negative attitude. People here means her families and best friends.
Thus, she decided to change her mentalities, and stop being immature and start to always think positive. Forget the past and always look forward.
A few days later, she starts being happy and forget-the-past attitude. She treats everyone nicely, and don't expect anything nice from them, including Minah. She is trying to ignore what ever behavior that Minah will do later in future. Well, that's more like it :)

* * *

Here, I give you some tips.

Situation: You treat people sincerely from the bottom of your heart. But, people treat you back like poops. You didn't feel like they're appreciating you, at all. You don't even understand why people will do such thing to you, since you treat them nicely.

Question: Did you really treat people sincerely, or you actually treat them nicely and expecting something from them? 

Answer (tips): You just treat people nicely. But, prepare in your head that they'll never reply you as nice as you did to them. Thus, you will not feel as if you're not appreciated by them. You just being neutral. Right? Because your mind has set that they won't treat you nicely. BUT, if their response were opposite than you expected, wouldn't you be gleeful and delighted?


Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm having a hard time.

I just can't stop think negatively.
Blend in, an unstable emotions with difficult lectures.

Yes, she did it again.
Again, making me felt like I'm the bad guy.
No, I don't need to apologize.
Because I had done nothing wrong.

Well, I miss my long lost friend.
The real long lost friend, and the 'real' long lost friend.
I wish I can talk to you.
Express everything, and listen to your opinion,
and waiting for the peak (a lot of laughters),
which will making me feel better.
I don't know why, I am so believed in you.

I realized the stupid mentality of mine.
Before entering this course.
I thought that Dental Surgery will only be taught about teeth.
Simply teeth and mouth.
Instead, the whole body.
Well, we're going to be doctors, not teeth-handyman.
Stupid me.

People are being selfish and more selfish, nowadays, recently and lately.
They don't care for you as much as you care for them.
It's disappointing, didn't they?
You were there while they're sick, but did they do the same thing to you?
People forget the good deeds you did to them.
People only emphasized the bad things you did to them.

I can't control my feelings anymore.
The more I controlled, the more my lacrimal gland working.
It's the nature of me.
I am so emotional.
No, this isn't PMS.
No, I can't be heartless.
I don't know how.

I became more and more anti-social.
Paranoid of something.
God, this wasn't the symptoms for some mental disorder, right?

Damn it!
Behavioral Science class made me think of schizophrenia, mental disorder, abnormal behavior, abnormal disorder and shits.
Seriously, it's scary.
Literally nuts, insane, crazy, going mad, psychotic, lunatic, maniac, and all.

P/S: I watched I Am Number Four yesterday. Random plan, again. Dianna Agron was playing Sarah. She's a part-time photographer. The pictures taken are so cool and nice. She's cute and sweet as usual. Overall, the movie are okay.

Entertain me, please?