Sunday, November 27, 2011

New addiction.

"Entah mengapa engkau yang aku cinta,

Mungkin lebih baik kau ku lepas saja."

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Monday, November 21, 2011


Okay, I told you about how I hate (kinda) my hostel now, which where I'm staying. Despite the fact that I am away from my coursemates, which difficult for us to do any discussion or anything, and also the wifi here is super slow most of the time, but the huge problem is the toilet. Yes the place where we clean ourselves and shower and poop and pee. The toilets are freaking dirty! I hate the toilets. I mean, I literally ask myself everyday, "How can I live here everyday? How am I going to live here? Why the toilets are so dirty? Where are the makciks that supposed and paid to clean the toilets?".

You see, the wall of the shower rooms were cracked, and of course it will provide the suitable environment for all the bacterias and fungis to grow there, so it will be going to be dirty fast. As fast as the woodpecker peck the bark of the tree. It went all black along the cracked lines, it was seriously yucks. And there's one shower room, the rain-head (?), I mean the structure that made the water flow like the rain had gone. So the shower still works but the water flow so hard, there's no rainy feelings when you bath. And that room is a wee bit cleaner than the others. At first, I don't prefer that one, because my head hurts once the water hit my head. But now, I don't give a shit about my head being hit by the water. All I care is to shower in a clean room, with white walls. Imagine my sacrifice, people! Harhar.

Next, there're cat poos beside the cubicle where you poop and pee. Well, you know how the cat poo smells like. It is sooo unpleasant! And it's been there for, what 3 days? 'Lousy cleaner! Lazy cleaner!', that's what my mind thought of. Last night, as I'm about to fill the kettle with some water, I saw cat poos now inside the sink. Fuck yes, inside the sink! The exactly place where we wash our face, brush our teeth, wash our hands in order to get them clean. And now, the sink is filled with poops? WTH?!! Oh, I forgot to mention the 'situation' inside the sink. It's more or less the same thing happened with the walls of the shower room. All blacks and brownish, superr ewwwy!

How can I live there, right? Right?!!?!

You know what, I literally control my urine to get out from my urethra. I chose to do so, rather than I pee inside the dirty cubicle, even worse, when there're cat poos beside me. Pfft. Double, triple, million, zillion combos of bacterias. Gosh!

Eventually, I decided to complain. I wanna go to the office, yet I am lazy. Then, I remembered I got a friend who're one of the bureau in the hostel organisation. And I texted her, at 6:20 AM. I didn't mean to disturb her beauty sleep, but I just have to, I really hope there'll be action taken, SOON! Then, just now, someone make an annoucement, "Attention to all the students, please bring in the clothes you hung outside, because there will be a toilet-cleaning process going on at level 4 and 5 by some guys. And also, please dress up properly whenever you go out from the room. Thank you". Okay, basically I don't know what's the relationship between the clothes and the cleaning process but who cares, HELL YEAHHH, THE TOILETS ARE FINALLY GONNA BE CLEAAN :D Isn't wonderful? :)) LOL.

That's it. I am satisfied. I hope this won't happen again. Or else, I'll ask for a trasferation to other block.


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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pen pal.

You see, I have a pen pal. It's kunda new friend. I randomly added her as a friend. I mean, I found her at Zooey Deschanel page. I was commenting at one of her status, then I decided to do random thing, which is add someone as a friend. I chose a girl. Actually, I want to know how Americans' life.

Then one day, she inboxed me, she said, "You added me a while ago, but you didn't even say Hi to me". Yeah, some sort like that. I forgot her exactly words. Then I replied, "Oh, Hi! I found you...yak...yak...yak....Can we, randomly be friends?". Then she said, "Of course! :) I never knew people from your country". Haha, from that moment, we became friends! How cool was that?

Her name is Colleen Rodman. She's 21 years old. She's from California and still studying in Creative Writing. So practically, she'll become an English teacher one day. Duh, her English  was so damn good. I am soo afraid if I might have stupid grammar mistakes in my messages. It would be embarassing.

She called me Siti at first, LOL, but I said, "No, no. Call me Nani". Then she apologised. She's nice.

After all this time, we've been sending messages through Facebook. We talked about how the students in America, was it the same like in movies. We talked about Halloween. We talked about ourselves. But there are still tonnes more I wanna ask her about.

We never chat together. Maybe this is due to different clock here and US.

I didn't reply her message yet, because of busy-ness with futsal and studies. Then, this morning, I decided to online Facebook and reply her message about Thanksgiving Day.

Okay, wait. I have to admit, since I have this new phone, I only online using this. I haven't open my laptop for ages. So, I hardly realize whoever starts to chat with me at Facebook.

Okay, let's proceed. As I am surfing the internet, I want to see my chatlist, I mean I wanna know who was online during that time. Then I saw there's a trying-to-start-a-conversation-chat from her. And it was yesterday's message. And what a coincidence, she was onlining too at that time! Then I replied her chat, then she replied back, and it's repeated. We eventually chatting! Haha. I have to admit, I was nervous back then. Because when we sent messages, I can think of grammars, and words and stuffs like that. But not this time. It was live chat. I online, she online. I can't use 'lah', 'kan', and lots more word that I usually use whenever I texted my friends. I can't mix Malay word like I usually did. So basically, I am nervous. But, guess what? It wasn't that bad after all. I did took some time to think of what the right words and all, but it was okay though. Hehe.

I am so happy. Because this is new to me! :) And oh, we start missing each other. Nice eh? XP I told my siblings about this, and they thought it was great, and they decided to do the same thing too. They liked Zooey Deschanel page in Facebook too, but they didn't have the guts to add random people. LOL.

Okay, great experience. You should try too :)


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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Subject.

I am sensing an imaginary huge, large wall exists between you and me since........

Monday, November 14, 2011

Can I?

Can I, cut off her mouth? So that she will learn how to answer nicely whenever we have questions to ask, or we are forced to ask questions?

Can I take a red-burnt-hot-scalpel and cut her larynx off? So that she will stop yelling at us, if we done some new mistakes?

Can I scoop her eyeballs out? So that she will stop staring and gazing her eyes out at us, like a severe hyperthyroidism patient, whenever she's explaining? Come on, it's annoyingly scary.

Can I cut her arm's skin, take a vacuum cleaner and use it to suck her fats out? So that she got nothing to wobble whenever she's pointing at us when we failed to achieve what exactly that she wants?

Can I do something evil? So that she will stop being mean?


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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random afternoon thoughts.

If I am given a chance to do a piercing on my face, it will be at my nose. Like Indian ladies usually do. Because to me, those piercing on the nose, looks exotically beautiful.

How about you?


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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Annual Dinner 2011.

So, this is the event that I told you about. Our batch handled this event. It was held on 21st October. Basically, it was weeks ago. I'm updating the story a wee bit late. We learnt a lot during organising this dinner. We misunderstood. We saw each other's true colours. Bestfriends fought and quarelled. We talked behind each other. We sacrificed studying and precious time. And a lot more.

I'm one of the comittee. The lowest position ever. But, my life was hectic like other higher comittee too. I worked under Performance Comittee. So, we choreographed, we trained, we practiced and they (the juniors) performed. Ooh, the theme was Movie Night. Everyone was wearing movie costumes. Enough said, here's the pictures.

Haha, he's fun. He's my junior.

Picture with juniors.

Me and Bawang Merah dan Bawang Putih character.

Gosh, whatthaheck am I doing?

Oh, these two adults are my deputy dean. Gulp.

She's Black Swan. She made her costume herself. Cool, I know!

Ooops, unready.

Errrr, awkkward smile of mine.

Hell yeah, Expeliamoss!

It's Nanny McPhee!

We stayed one night at the hotel. We were checking out.

Hello, hello! I was wearing Joker that night. I don't know it came from which movie. But this costume really attracted my attention. I actually planned to wear Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. But, since I'm wearing hijab, it'll looked a bit weird, because Morticia's trademark was the long, black hair. I won't wear a wig. Period.

Our head of the comittee, Azlan.

Me and Razil. Razil was announcing the winners for the awards that night. While me, I was making a fool outta myself in front of the guests. 
Yeah, both are my lecturers.
My classmates :)

This is my lecturer.

Cleopatra. She's also my roomate, Cha.

Okay, the pictures are a bit unorganised. I am sorry, I was lazy to organise it.
Thank you!

PS: Random! Describe me in one word, please.