Sunday, March 25, 2012

No Subject #8

You know how some people said, some ladies who're wearing tudung labuh owned a very weird and kinda not-good attitude? Compared to people who're free-hair or those who're wearing shawl or fashionable hijab style? And they said, "Harap pakai tudung labuh tapi perangai macam apa baik tak payah. Orang yang tak pakai tudung perangai lagi bagus yak yak yak...".

They have these appearance, they're really particular with their aurat. Which is good and all ladies should practice this since it's wajib. They are very pious and all. They go to surau and Islamic talks a lot, read Islamic articles a lot, listen to Islamic songs a lot. I reckoned they already knew about the basic of what Allah wants and what Allah doesn't want.

So, I don't wanna agree with the above statement until I have a roomate that is very messy. Even after I gave her a warning letter (I yelled at that letter, and then apologise), she still didn't improve though. I don't understand. Who knows living in a room with a messy roomate can make your life miserable the whole time. Even if your own 'site' is not messy, you're still stress facing your roomate's site. My roomate is wearing tudung labuh though, they should know Allah loves cleanliness. What did she had in mind, really?
I don't know whether you understand or not the point that I am trying to convey here but I can't understand what is she trying to achieve :( It's very sad.

And another thing, I just knew that a friend of mine, who also wearing tudung labuh is a selfish kinda person. And stingy. What is that? Allah is very generous. Being generous is good. Very good. It's one of the characteristics of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Well, she should know this. And yet?

This thing just increased the percentage of me agreeing with the statement above. I mean, pity the other tudung-labuh-ers out there who didn't have these attitude. These people changed my perception of them bit by bit. 

Friday, March 23, 2012


Imagine: When you have a friend who had done some slacks...

Straight forward: Is it alright to confront her, got angry and tell her the point where you, or should I say, most of the people, do not prefer?


Silent: Is it appropriate to just sit there and keep your mouth shut, look, observe the slacks that she did? Killing you from the inside by seeing your friend did something wrong?


Badmouth: Is it wrong to talk behind her back a lot? Talk what she should do and what she shouldn't do, behind her back. Talk what she had done and what not.


Slowtalk: Is it cheesy to ask what is she trying to do? Why did she do stuffs like that. How did she even think about that. What does she actually feels.

Please, leave any opinion. I am straight forward kinda person. But, it will hurt the other party. And it made me felt insecure because I am afraid if she goes like, "Oh cmon, you're not that angel as well". And at the same time, I felt satisfaction because I said what I should say. So that the other party will understand what I actually felt about 'the slacks' that she did.

Honey, the truth really hurts but it helped you in anyway. So that you can change. I don't know whether being silent is good or not. Because confronting is something that require a lot of courage. Badmouth, well I think it's bad. Really bad. But it is subconcious action. Like you did it without realizing it. It is hard to control. And I think slow talk is the best way, but it require a lot of time because it is slow. Lol.


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Attention Seeker.

Instead of you making du'a, or I rather say 'updating your Facebook status' like this, "Ya Allah, kesabaran ku di cabar hari ini. Kau perkuatkan lah diriku ini. Ameen. yada yada yak yak bla bla". You better pray in your daily solah like this, "Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa-dosa yang telah aku lakukan terhadap kawan-kawanku, kau berikanlah aku petunjuk supaya yang mungkar dan yang maaruf itu terang perbezaannya di mata ku, berilah aku hidayah agar aku berubah menjadi insan yang berguna, kau terangilah hatiku agar senang untuk aku terima nasihat dan teguran. Ya Allah kau lah maha agung. Ameen". It is more beneficial, woman.


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Kesal dengan perbuatanku.

Kesal dengan perangaimu.

Kesal dengan lakonanmu.

Kesal dengan semua.

Aku sindir seorang sahabat,

Hingga menangis teresak-esak.

Bikin aku rasa meluat,

Rasa marah membuak-buak.

Aku sayang, aku peduli,

Mungkin sedikit garang, agak pembuli,

Tapi malang, ini caraku sejak azali.

Nasihat yang diberi,

Disiakan seluruhnya.

Malah tidak sedar diri,

Terus dihanyut oleh dunia.

*This ia an unfinished sajak. Will be continued in future. I am sucks at language, thus this is the best that I can came out with :) *


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All in a day #2

Last weekend on the 10th, after symposium has finished me and Huda planned to go to UM. Because got Battle Of The Band there. Yeap, I went there last year for BOTB as well. But this time, there were less friends joining this event. Some are busy and some don't bother to join I guessed? Idk. We met Adam and Faris. The night where we lepak was nice.

So last year they got TILU. And this year they got OAG, huargh!

And the crowd went mad. Suddenly the battle of the band activity changed to a gig. Free gig yay! OAG performed about 5-6 songs if i'm not mistaken, where they actually supposed to perform just 2 songs. But the crowd kept saying, 'WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE'. So yeah.

They were moshing. Like really pushed people like crazy while enjoying the performance. Crowd surfing. I was shocked. Then I asked Huda how come it didn't the same as at Foster The People 'gig'? Why at FTP concert people didn't push about? Then she said, it's Malaysian kinda gig act scene. I was like -.-" really? #noob

At first when I joined the crowd, I was jumping, enjoying like I did at FTP concert. Then suddenly I realized I was at UM. The place where there're lights and people who didn't enjoying the performance were observing, judging. Some even looked at us  And then I stopped. I was worried what would they said. #insecurealert Then I just realized only me and Huda who're hijabers and jumping like the guys in the crowd. Other hijabers were just stand on the chair and stood still.

I thought, "OMG this is not nice. People will saw us and there goes fitnah's. People will judged and talked about us". And I still freaked out about how scary the moshing was. So yeah, I left the crowd and enjoying the music from far.

Then I thought why did I do that at FTP. And Huda said because during that time, all the crowd were like us, jumping and don't care about others, they knew they paid for FTP. Plus, at the hall was totally dark, so how awful you jumped, people won't see it and didn't give a shit about you.

Peeps, call me a nerd but I care about 'idk-what's-the-right-word-for-describing-this'.

So that's that. We took a picture with the vocalist, Radhi. The picture at my Facebook. All in all, the random plan was fun. We overnight at the hostel's Musollah. Walked from 12th to Stesyen Universiti at 8 o'clock in the morning. Nice hangout, Huda. High 5! Cut cost, free gig, overnight what else?

PS: My favourite senior won third place for Oral Presentation for symposium. She's awesome! :DD


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Sunday, March 11, 2012

All in a day.

Heads up: Long post ahead.

On the tenth of March, my faculty held an event called "2nd Dental Symposium". The event where all the final year students get to present their research. It is an annual event. So what is it related to me? Again my friends and I had to do a performance. Last year, I did Zapin. This year, we did Tarian Ngajat. It was a very unique dance. Sarawak tradisional dance. It's new to me, so I wasn't that good. But, ahem, we received a lot of compliments! :D Well, I guessed for dental students to 'divide' time for resting, going to class and practice dancing were a bit amazement to them? I don't know.

So what's my actual point blog about this? Haha. None. Thanks for reading!

Oh wait, now I am free with futsal and dancing, thus I got no other excuse to not study. My dad called yesterday. He asked me to save the scholar money that i'll be received. Because last semester, I used it so blindly with no plans and so happy spending all the money as if my dad is billionaire. And it gives me problem for my next semester. I got no savings, I didn't work, my dad haven't received his salary for that month (idk his boss suddenly gave the salary a bit late last month). So yeah, he's mad. I borrowed my sis's money, Huda's money, I ate bread at night and sometimes for lunch too.

He said this, (translated) "You have to remember that our family isn't like your friends' family. They are all loaded people. Don't follow them to branded stores and branded restaurants. Know our limitations. We're not rich people. I'm not like your friends' father. They worked in the office and received tonnes of money. Those people had their own properties to give to their kids. While me, I have to break my legs to give our family money. I can't walked properly now. So remember okay? You can buy things that you want, eat what you want but just know how to save. Okay, abah sayang Nani" :"| I don't know why am I so careless of thinking about what my dad had to go through. I am so lazy to study, had fun so much, hanging out with friends like there'll be no next time. I am such a bad daughter :(

Anywayyyyyy, my last post was about me going to Kuantan right? So there's a new friend of mine, from other uni said to my friend which studying at the same uni (he's my friend's friend. That's how we got to be friends.) He said that he saw me like a bunch of a typical UITM-ians. Bamm!! A smack on my face! He didn't say 'Hi' to me though. Probably he was shy because i'm with my UITM friends. I really don't know how to respind to this.

For your information, I really hate the typical UITM-ians! The one who have a very shallow minded. And very contained with the Bumiputera status that they had and no effort was put because they will receive any 'hak Bumiputera' in anyway. Which means, idk, maybe they can graduate easily without working so hard or something? Dammit, man. I was so angry back then. Idk how he defines The Typical UITM-ians though. But what I interpreted was like what I had in mind. Pfft, he didn't knew me well anyway.

Huda said I am different when I am with her, when I am with Adam, when I am with JB girlfriends, when I am with UITM friends, when I am with my family. Peeps, I am not faking about okay. I am still me, have the same Nani core, but adapted in a few different situations. I don't want to be awkward all the time. It's tiring.

So, I don't know what to conlude though. People will always judge. They can't run away from judging. First impression isn't always right. But, sometimes it isn't wrong too.

PS: I am a very emo girl. With that, I thank you.


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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dental Sports Carnival

It was in Kuantan, Pahang. And last year was in Kelantan. We stayed in UiTM Padang Lalang. The carnival was held in International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuantan. (IIUM) Once we reached IIUM, we were amazed with their architectural design of the faculty (they called it Kulliyah) building. Even their sports complex too! Each one of them had a sense of Islamic design. Like the mosque or Musolla. There were like tonnes of mosque in the campus. And their Dentistry faculty consist of five HUGE buildings. It was so big. And my friend said the lecture halls are like in the hotels. I can believe it though, it must be very comfortable and convenient.

Okay move on to the sports. There were basketball, netball, futsal, volleyball, badminton and table tennis. As you know, I represented my uni for futsal female. And we won Silver. Yaay! Although, we actually target for Gold, sheesh but that's okay. Silver also good what. Hard works (le training) paid off! My uni only won Bronze for basketball, netball, double badminton (M) and 4x100m. While Silver, futsal (F) and volleyball (F). UM, IIUM and USM won a lot.

For futsal, again, I was a substituter for the champs. You know, like when the champs already tired, you have to get in and play. Although during that time I planned to score at least one goal, hoping for miracles, like in the movies. Where you're the one who change everything at the very last minute and suddenly became famous. LOL! But well, I am not good enough to suddenly do miracle things and score a goal and won Gold instead. But I did manage to maintain the scores that our team made during the phase to go the finals and defend the ball from entering our goal. Well at least i'm capable of doing that. Syukran.

I found that volleyball is actually a very fun game. I should try it sometimes.