Monday, May 30, 2011

Complaining in a irritating way.

Here's some random teka-teki. Random and freaking easy. Guess the disease, people.

-very cold until it stabs me in the bones
-pallatine tonsils swollen
-armpit's lymph nodes swollen
-my head weighs a ton

-Kool Fever on the forehead
-shower with water heater, always (this is my own treatment, the real one is actually opposite and starts with the lower limbs)
-drink plain water soo many many

So, this disease is very common. And the answer is?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear future husband.

Basically, today post's about my future husband criteria.

I hope you're Chinese, or Chinese look-alike (mixed chinese bloood). With those sepet eyes and Chinese (chingchongchingchong) accent. Or, Hindustani or Arabian look-alike? Ooh, sharped nose! :D Take note, Hindustani, not Tamil. They're different, okay.

Muslim, that's for sure. You must be capable in becoming an Imam. So that, you and me can always solat berjemaah together. Besides, you must also have the guts to lead the solat (if the azan has reverb) whenever you visited my family. Always, ALWAYS, can lead me to rightousness.

I hope you're taller than me. If possible, I want my head is the same length as your shoulder. I don't mind if you're black or white, really. I hope you're tough, with muscle. It shows that you're worked-out (with nice abs, please?). To me, it shows your macho-ness. Oh, I also hope that you're not the kind who owns the hypertrophy kind of muscle. I don't like body-builder looks. Oooh, scareeyh! I hope you're not fat.

Cook and bake XP. Patience and know how to become a responsible husband. Other than that, I hope you understand, that i'm super slow in almost everything, I like being free. Easy to say, you can understands me VERY well.

Smart. Bukan typical Melayu. Pfft. Funny! Oh, sometimes, I hope you're a chef! :D

Where are you from?
Not Kelantan and Terengganu, please? Because my dad won't approve you. I don't know why. Go ask him. I believed he had his own reasonable reasons.

Bad sides
I don't mind if you're smoker. Because my dad is a heavy smoker, thus I used to inhale the exhale-tobacco. But, bear in mind, love, that smoking can cause MANY disease. You can never imagine how MANY the diseases are.

Family history
I hope you're parents are great as mine. I hope you don't have mutation in genetic. There's no chronic disease that you can descended from.

No body odour, please. I hope your teeth is beautiful. You did take care of your oral hygiene :)

PS: I know, this guy don't exists. Nobody perfect. But, if you did exists, i'll be the most luckiest girl on Earth :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tutti Fruitti on Teacher's Day.

Today was my first time, having my own cup of Tutti Fruitti's frozen yoghurt. Mine costed RM13.80. For those who never been here, they put the price, based on how much do you take the yoghurt and the sprinkles on top of it. Then, they weigh it. RM5.30/10 gm.
You know, I was broke, at first I decide I want to share with a friend of mine, but after we weighed it, it was less than RM15, so, it was okay-okay lah to buy another cup. For mine, I mixed vanilla and tutti fruitti (mixed berry, I guessed?) flavour together. My sprinkles were raisins, marshmallows and kiwi fruit bits.


It's very delicious and healthy. Well, yoghurt is good for your digestion :) Oh, I went there with Anis, Adam and Atiqa.


Before we went to Tutti Fruitti, we went to our school, Technical School of Johore Bahru. We met our teachers. Haa, they recognized my face but didn't remember my name. Except for my Additional Mathematics teacher, Puan Hajah Fatimah Hasyim, and my English teacher, Miss Deana. They're so cute. During teacher's day, they (the students) prepared games for the teachers. Some of them were, congkak, ceper, badminton, futsal, and many more.
It's been so long I didn't call my educator, 'Cikgu' and 'Teacher'. Just now, I almost blurted out, 'Puan' and 'Doctor' to call them. Pfft. Anyway, I didn't capture some pictures with them. Aww, too bad.


Story of viva and home.

In my previous post, I told you that I got selected and invited into viva voce right? So, here it goes. I didn't get distinction. I didn't get an A*. Er, you know what? I just get to know that in order to get dean's list in dentistry, you have to pass viva. If you succeed, and got distinction, then you achieved dean's list. See, it's not easy. I got invited to viva, kira ok aper.
My lecturer told us (during waiting for our turn) that, this viva was just for fun. Because, it won't affect our marks. Because, us are viva for distinction. The marks will only be affected if we were categorized in viva borderline. Thus, I thanked God. But, of course we want to do our best and try our luck to achieve a distinction. It's so normal for a human to test our own abilities, to test how far we can go.
And there, in the room, I don't know, i'm being all nervous, they asked questions, and I said, "Er, uh, um, em, I forgot, I don't know", and give 'em a slutty-smile. Like what? I felt like a loser. I just lost my confidence. Oh, wait! Do I even have confidence? Damn, man. I felt like I don't even deserved an A. It's just pissed me off.
They asked questions, and I have to explain to them back. I can't do it. First, I lacked of confidence. Second, I only know things, I don't know everything. Third, i'm nervous, and my mind was just stop functioning well.
Oh, well. I got the experience. I hope i'll get invited again, and I will be prepared.
And, at the same day, in the evening, me, Huda XD, Nikki and Adam spent time together. Guess where? At KL Sentral. Sounds weird eh? Haha. It was a very spontaneous plan and it's fun, anyway. Aww, too bad, no picture (prove) to show you.

I reached home at 2 o'clock in the morning on 12th May. Listen this, I can't stop eating. There you go. I eat everything I can. I don't know, I got a very big appetite. Say what, everyday day, I ate like 8 meals, not including snacks.
Oh, I planned to work. But, I ended up stay home. You know why? First, my so-called short semester will be on second week of July. So, I only have one month to work, which is, which employer wants a worker who only work for them for only one month, right? Second, my Basic Medical Science results haven't announce yet. They said, it'll be announced on the early of June. Like I told you, IF we failed this subject, we'll be sitting for supplementary exam, which will be held on the middle of June. So, LET'S SAY I worked at the first place, and I  failed BMS. I only work for days, and I quit. They (the employer) will curse and throw tantrums on me, layer by layer. And third, my mom asked or forced me to learn how to cook. Pfft, it's not my thing. I don't like, but you know, they'll say about your mak mentua and bakal suami and suchs.

PS: Happy Teacher's Day! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

I told you, I'll prove to you!

Hello, hello. Previous post (which was a few hours ago) was depression-in-state-mode post. And now, muahaha, a happy post. I am invited for...wait for voce for distinction! Wheew. Anyway, what is viva voce? Sounds like super awesome or something eh? It's like, an interview for the selected students. Students who are either in borderline-pass-or-fail or in A-star=distinction. Andd, I am categorised in A-star=distinction selected student! Alhamdulillah!! The exam, will be like an interview. The external examiner will ask you questions, and you answer it, you explain to them what did you understand. Sounds easy? Well, pray for me. Say this, "Siti Amanani will do very well in her viva voce session tomorrow. Ameen!". Haha, thank you, sayangs.

So, what it's relation to the title? I told you before, there's a friend of mine who insulted me by telling my other friend that I am stupid, because of my bad-result-in-the-history-ever. And, I told myself, that I want to prove to him and also to myself, that I AM NOT AS STUPID AS HE THINK I WAS. Haha, did you know, being insulted as a stupid person are very fricking hurt and painful? No, you don't right? Because, all of you are clever and amazing people. Well, thanks to God, friends.

Peeps, listen to this, I really don't mind if I don't score this one, because I heard that viva voce for dictinction is wayy more difficult compared to viva voce for borderline. Well, lets say if I cannot make it, don't get angry or insult me, at least I'll try my best. And besides, I also, at least have those experience that only some people can experience it, right? Now, let just  pray that I can do it, I won't be nervous, I won't be as mengarut as I am normally, I hope I can handle it professionally. Ameen, ameen ya rabbal'alamin.


I am sorry I'm not as cool as you!

If you read this, don't you EVER ask me, who the hell I'm talking about. Well, I know, I'm not being a good friend for you, and I know I cannot give you junks of good advices that you can even listen to. I know you 'hate' me because of that. Thus, I apologise.
I am sorry, I cannot share my kind of songs with you. Because, my kind of songs are like, Mariah Carey, Celine Deon, and all love songs shits. You'll be like, "Come on, who the hell listen to these shits anymore?" I am very sorry, because I'm not listening to cool songs like you did.
Also, I know, I am the most lamest and annoying friend you've ever had. And, yeah thanks for this lame-ass, you guys met.
I don't have any mutualities with you now. So, what shits we want to talk about anyway?


I'm back, peeps!

Okay, firstly, I can't believe that I got nothing in my May posts, and only owned four posts in April. Guessed I'm really busy preparing for this final eh? So, I've doned with my finals. How about you?
I'm bored and didn't know what to do at this kind of time, which I usually stayed up and studying.

Anyway, i'm facebook-ing while i'm typing, and there's something really annoys me a lot, either uni's wireless line are slow or facebook are fucking slow. Pfft.

Damn, it's been so long I didn't write anything, and now I'm blanked. Hey, do you realize, nowadays weather are so hot? I'm all sweaty now, in the middle of a night, with  high speed of the fan, with my new haircut (medium length with bangs), and suddenly I got runny nose, can you imagine how sticky and uncomfortable am I? I cannot sleep, and annoyed.

What Did I Do For Celebrating the Finish-ness Of Exams?

Firstly, I went for a haircut. And, it ended up to be super ugly and it's suffocating. It's a medium length, I cannot tie it up, and also, sangat merimaskan. The barber was Malay. You see, I used to cut my hair at a Chinese salon. Because to me, Chinese are more good at 'styling' and cutting hair. But, this time I've decided to have a haircut at a Malay salon, with a reason: I want to have a cover or barrier that can cover the aurat of mine. Then, I said to that kakak, I want to cut my fringe a little bit shorter. Well, she did cut, but very in a cincai way. I was so shocked. She just took a bunch of my hair, then cut it short without thinking. Thinking as in, she's not, ummm, how to say ah? Gaaah, the conclusion is, that kakak is not professional. I wasted my money for a stupid haircut. See, I am not satisfy with it. Pfft.

Secondly, I am spending time with the one who misses me, who wants to spend a lot of time together with me, who wants to make a little 'unforgettable' moments with me, blah. So, my last exam paper was on Friday. At that particular Friday night, me, Teena, Anis Najihah, Amirul, Puteri and Bella watch a movie. Hindustani one, that's for sure! Haha. We watched, Mujse Dosti Karoge and Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham. Teena and Amirul cried a lot. Especially Teena. Aww.
On Saturday, me, Teena and Anis went to Mid Valley. It was Anis's first time went to Mid Valley. So, she was so excited, because she said, there are many kind of food that she likes. We went there not for shopping. We went there for eating and also, watching a movie: Thor 3D.
On Sunday, which is today, me went out with my brother. Hello, it's not biological brother, he's my social-network-al brother. We did common things, like, walking and watching movie: Waters For Elephant.

What Did We Eat?

Subway, 6 inch parmesan oregano, chicken teriyaki. For lunch.

Also, our lunch are associated with takoyaki. Mine was unagi.

Auntie Anne's, caramel almond for supper.
Anis Sup Utara, Bubur Daging, or some say, Nasi Air.

DC, Uitm, ais kacang, as a desert for Sunday's lunch.

And, I ate instant noodle for tonight's dinner.

What I Wore? *imagine I am a fashion blogger*
Haha. This is funneh. Anyway, on Saturday was my first attempt wearing a skirt, a grey maxi skirt. It's comfortable, but I felt funny. It's very so flowy. I felt like, "Today was a fairytale, I wore a skirt, and it felt so funny, you told me I was okay, but I looked like a mess, today was a fairytale". Besides, it also felt scary, especially everytime when you're about to hop on to the escalator.

Okay, enough with the blabbering and chattering. Here's pictures with blah intention.