Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm not sure whether this is related to the title or not. I just want to say that, no wonder yesterday I was soo hyper active and happy and full with laughters but today, it ended up with fret-ness and down, blue, and tears. Life is so fair.

I'm sure they can even predict what's mine. I don't care about theirs. I am the most playful, the most lazy, I'm the head of all sleepyheads in the world, the most slow-working-and-functioning-brain in class. I felt like I don't belong here.

What's wrong with me? I'm leading this life as if I was still at school. I am so not professional. I was so yesterday. And where was my new resolution for this year? I guessed, it's all just hangat-hangat tahi ayam?

No, no! I cannot continue with this kind of bullshits. What am I thinking? I'm not living in the fantasies and wonderland world. Face the realities, loser! GO and make a change! A drastic one, that's for sure!

P/S: Thanks, bff.

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