Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm not dead yet.

Hello, honey bunny! I am so sorry for abondoning this blog. I think, it's almost 2 weeks right? Last minute-depression stroke me. And, I'm busy with studying and worshipping Allah. It left me no time to update this blog. My special semester has over now. I, now, back to my hometown and celebrate Ramadhan and InsyaAllah, this coming Syawal with family. I am so happy with Ramadhan, yet for Syawal, my feelings are neutral. I don't know why. But, I do, can't wait for Raya foods :D

Okay, now, it's 11th Ramadhan 1432 (right?), I know, I am so late, obviously, for wishing Happy Fasting to my Muslims friends and Happy Go-To-Bazaar-Ramadhan-There're-Lots-Of-Delicious-Foods to my Non-Muslims friends :) I shall compete with other Muslims to do ibadah on Lailatul'Qadar night.

Hey, people! I want to share with you something.

Don't feel bad when others are lucky, while you're not. It's their rezeki for the time being. You just have to wait for your turn, to come up next. I always said that life is unfair. But, without you realized it, life is actually fair. After some time later, we received gifts from God. Then, we are the one who're lucky when others aren't. God is always fair. Patience must be with us. Challenge must be accepted and handled professionally.

PS: Someone called me cupcakes. I ask you, am I that sweet? X)

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