Thursday, August 18, 2011


Number 9.

I watch The Glee Project yesterday, their challenge is vulnerability. Like, Kurt's wearing tshirt 'Like Boys', Quinn's wearing 'Lucy Kaboosey', Santana's wearing 'Lebanese (lesbian, LOL)' and others wearing their tshirt with their weaknesses on their chest.
So, I'm thinking what's my biggest weakness? And I came out with 'Insecure'. I bet everyone has their own insecurities, but mine is proliferating since I failed so bad in semester 1. I became paranoid and everything all seems so negative. I think those who followed my blog, must've been realized that I, suddenly become all emotional and shits.
And, I want to tear off the cardboard (drawn above) and found a solution. Muhaha. Which is, work very hard and try to not fail bad. I know, everything has it's ups and downs, but I want to prevent that to happen. Can I? But, it's hard, yeah everything in the world is hard.

Wish me luck, buddy! ;)


  1. like this one...
    the details at her skirt..:)

  2. haha,thanks.i love the hair,a lot.haha.

  3. I luv those hair too...
    not too static and rigid...:)

  4. Haha. do you secretly wanna be on Glee? hoho. Those t-shirts are cool, kan? GOOD LUCK for new sem, nani!

  5. cool gila.i want one!haha.oh no,i want the-printing-tshirt-machine.haha.thanks,huda;)

  6. OMG,ur getting there nani.this is cool.keep UP the loving more and more of ur go kill ur self.haha

    *(u dont hear ths from me.haha


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