Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Lost.

Number 2.

Forgive me for the low quality image. This is my second sketching. Huda XD saw my first sketching, she said, it was kinda lame. Because it's not original, I copied Disney's Mickey. As in, that Mickey wasn't my idea. She said, do something that I wanna draw, what I think, and why.

And, I come out with this (pointed above picture).  I'm lost. I actually lost back then, I don't get the fully idea of this challenge.

So, the picture explains, the girl in the middle, is lost. *See, she got no shadow! I think, her shadow also lost and trying to find her body* She blurred and slow. She can't think of which one to prefer or admire or adore or follow in her life. She always be in the middle of choices and said, "I don't know, I'm not sure myself, I think, I forgot....".

Let me explain what I drew/sketched, in case you don't see what am I doing. The right one is Black Metal Guy (sweating playing guitar). The right one is Ballad Guy (singing love song to the moon and ask the moon to tell his love that.....yak.....yak.....yak....) The girl is an intermediate girl. She's not sure what she likes. Either black metal or ballad.

It's more original, I guessed. Because I'm not copying from anywhere. It's just came out from my brain. And, my shading asal boleh jek. More original but, it's hideous compared with other challengers, but looking great if compared to Primary 1 students. 



  1. as always ur handwritings are coolio

  2. Haha! Cuute! I like this one! How come they come out so neat? hmm.. nani, keep it up! :D

    ps: LOL to the checkered pants.

  3. this is seriously pretty and im in love with the black metal guy from the first time u told me about him.

  4. thanks huda.em,ala kenape muke dier tak hostile enough?look at her brows,teeth,hair,shoes.haha.


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