Thursday, August 18, 2011


Number 8.

Ugh, I'm moving so slow. I don't think I can make it (30 drawings by the end of Ramadan), but I'm trying to work as hard as I can. 
Anyway, above is a dreamcatcher. Remember Jacob Black gave as a birthday present (if I'm not mistaken) to Bella Swan? Yeah, but I kinda design this myself. It's not perfect though. But, who cares? My siblings don't know what's a dreamcatcher. They never heard of them. Puuuuff. Dreamcatcher is, aaaah, just read here.



  1. No way! I was thinking about drawing a dreamcatcher and then I saw this drawing! no wayyyy! :O Anyway, this one is neat and nice again!

  2. hahaha.serious?haha,takpe lah huda,you draw a dreamcactcher hxd's wannna see.hmmph,nice and neat,well,thankyouu:DD

  3. hahaha. it's ok. dah tak jadi nak lukis sekarang. haha. when the mood comes again, i'll show you :P


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