Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ramadhan Challenge.

What challenge? Challenge of come out with 30 anything by the end of this holy month. I was asked to join this challenge by HudaXD. Well, basically she wants to see what am I 'made' up of. As in, she wants to see how creative am I. She's an architectural student. Well, duh, creative and talented in sketching and drawing and do whatever in art, I shall say. So, people, ready what am I came out with, today. You'll might be fainted after this. Gulp.

Number 1.

See the writings? I wrote, "Hello! I'm a NOOB in sketching". Top left is 320am, which the time I started to draw. Bottom left, END AT 355 am. I think, HudaXD can just sketch this Mickey with just 5 minutes. I don't know how to shade. Thus, I just go hentam-hentam one lehhh. Do you see Mickey's face as Mickey, or Mickey's granndy? I shaded those, not that I'm sketching Mickey's moustache and beard, okay?

Okay, why Mickey? It's because, the table where I about to use to start this project, got this 'Playhouse Disney Encyclopedia'. And, I saw Mickey and Minnie and Winnie the Pooh and Handy Manny guy on the cover page. Well I thought, "I don't know how to sketch. Hmph, nah, just give it a try by just sketch Mickey". Then, that's the answer why is Mickey the chosen one to be the first picture appeared.

So, here it is. My humble 'sketching' :DD


  1. hahh! go show this to walt disney and co. or wtv. they might just hire you to be one of their sketchers. haha.

  2. hahaha.over lahh.mane ader smpai cmtu.haiaaa.


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