Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hey honey. I put on a hold from posting my drawings, due to something. And, I done like, 15 so far. I don't have any inspiration, I don't have ideas. I've been busy doing sisters and mothers errand. Like, send my lil sister and brother to madrasah, then help my mom doing the cook thaang, go to the supermarket buying stuffs that my mom asked, cleaning the mess that my lil siblings did, and went to the mosque, my sisters asked me to watch movie with them, accompany my dad to go to Singapore doing something something, and yeah, loads more. So, the little time that left, is for me to draw.

Oh, what's up with me? As usual, being emotional and depressed due to something that wasn't important. I'm tired of doing this, I hate this kinda feelings, but it left me no choice to just swallow it. Like, you know this ain't a voluntary action. The more you hold, the more you hurt. Whatthaheck right. None to ask, just ignore.


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