Monday, July 25, 2011

Zoo and Animals.

I went to Zoo Negara today. It's a trip organised by my faculty, actually. We listened to a seminar called, Dental Anatomy Seminar.

So, here's some fun facts that I just learnt :D

Did you know that:

#1 A dolphin has 200++ teeth.
#2 An elephant has only four molars (type of teeth) that sized a brick for each of them.
#3 Sharks and crocodiles will always erupt/grow a new tooth whenever their teeth broken or whatever.
#4 Crocodiles have no specific types of teeth, like incisors, canine, molars. The shape of their teeth are all the same.
#5 The zoologists need to kill (in a good way) the animals, when the animals' teeth shed-off. Ever wonder why? Because the animals don't have the teeth to chew/tear/bite the food. So, they will ended up die anyway, due to lack of food intake. So, they need to kill them, or else the zoologists willingly to blend/grind the food for each of the animals.
#6 Even animals have cavities on their teeth.
#7 Even animals have diabetes. So they need to subcutaneously inject insulin, too.
#8 Snakes' mandible (jaw bone) didn't fused together like humans and any other animals. So, it is easy for them to swallow a cow (bigger than their head).
#9 Most mammals use their canine for breeding/mating. For grasping the neck of the female.
#10 By just looking at the bird's beak, you can guess whether they're carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. For example, if the beak is extremely hard and strong, they eat 'bangkai'.

Okay, that's the fun facts related to dental and animals. I want to babble more about our trip to the zoo. I want to share my 'feelings' towards animals. I want to comment about Zoo Negara. But, unfortunately, I am lazy. I want to, sort of, studying :DD

Alright. Sorry, no pictures.

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