Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little Brother.

Number 6.

Yesterday, the weather in JB was rainy and windy. So, basically every body, I bet must be laze around the house, sleeping under the warm blanket and such. And my little brother said this,

K: Mama, hujan lah. Keyi tak nak pergi sekolah agama. (Clothes-less and wandering in front of the screen watching Spongebob)
M: Takde, takde, kena pergi. Dah lah, hari Jumaat dah ponteng.

So, here, the sketching of my lil brother wearing his school shoes, for Madrasah.

Oh, oh, thanks to Adam for convincing me to buy the sketch book. Say goodbye to A4paper and big-blue-science-school book :D


  1. yeah! I love this one! He looks like he's about to move, like that. I think you should categorize this in ''Still life.'' chehh... :D


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