Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Number 7.

Masterchef Australia kitchen. Look at the people I drew. Hehe, inspired by some architecture student's sketching. Cool huh?

Imagine you're one of the Masterchef contestant. You knew this is the place where you will learn a lot of new things and new skills by Masterclass (of course, duh?), friends and especially comments from the professionals. You expect something from them, for you to improve and become more skillful.

Okay, today's challenge is do a dessert. You tried your best, and done very confidently. And, when the judges taste your dessert, they commented, "Good, you may go to your table". How would you feel?

If I'm in your shoes, I'll be clueless, as in, I expect more, I need something like, "Oh, nice presentation. Okay let me taste. Hmm, very delicious, nice texture, less sweet but you put the guava more, which make it more fresh, I like it, it's very nice, I want to eat this again tomorrow! Good job!" or, "Ooh, what is this? Bad presentation, very dull, it looks very plain. But, it's okay, let see how it taste. Haaa, so, hmmm, okay, this is, em, not nice. The sauce is bitter, the texture is hard, the guava is too much, I can't even appreciate the sweetness of this dessert. Nani, I hope to see you in Pressure Test tomorrow".



  1. Was this drawn like super fast? And based on memory ke? :O

  2. haha.not as fast as fourth drawing (death).eehhh,not based on memory,i admit.i googled,get a picture of it,then draw.why?

  3. really? death was faster? haha. takde. sbb your lines look different, yg ni mcm messy sikit. so, i just guessed :P

  4. oh,messy because i used pencil.death,i used pen.teeheeXD


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