Monday, February 7, 2011

First day of exam.

As you informed before, 7th and 8th February are my exam day. Well, today are not going well.
Firstly, my paper start at 8.30 am. Which I knew at first, until there's someone told me that the exam will be at 9.00 am. So, as I was still reading my notes at 7.50 am and I was not even prepared, as in my baju kurung wasn't iron yet, my stationaries weren't prepare yet and I haven't take a shower yet.
Suddenly, I saw my roomate already wearing her shawl. And I asked her, "Pukul berapa paper hari ni? Pukul 9.00 am, right?". And she answered with a smile, "Pukul 8.30 am lah". I was like, 'Whuut??'. You still can smiling kan? Why did she not remind me? As in, we're roomate right? We're both will sit an exam this morning. And you're like wearing a shawl and I'm still lying in the bed, without showering yet and with the notes on my hand? I was pissing off in the morning that I'll be taking my Oral Biology paper. Like heck, man!!
"Babe, I hope you read this. Because I don't have the gut to talk about this shit again with you. I don't like this feeling. Cursing you at the back. Yes, you're a nice girl, but when it come to things like this, you'll be like suddenly selfish. Like, seriously selfish? I am deadly, don't know whether I was wrong to curse you at the back or you were wrong for not reminding me to get ready for the exam or what? One more, sorry for slammed the door shut right in front of your face this morning."
This is so stress. But, luckily I can answer confidently to all the questions. *Yayyy, I'm grinning back!* Hey, take note, confident doesn't mean it's all true. It's just for your own satisfaction. I'm grateful to God.
Okay, today isn't going so well because, while wrapping my lunch, my favourite side-dish finished already. Thus, I have to buy whatever left there. So, I bought 'lemak cili padi'. The translation are, >click here<. Funnehh! Hahh, while eating, I was crying, and hingusan meleleh-leleh. I was so damn hungry, and my lunch are like super duper freaking spicy. And I already prepared mentally if tonight, I'll be having a diarrhoea.

Tomorrow will be my last day of mid-sem exam and wish me luck, peeps.

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