Friday, February 11, 2011

I say "NO" to love.

Of course despite the love towards God, families, friends and animals. I am talking about the love of a girl to a boy, a lady to a guy and a woman to a man.
I may be exaggerated about this shit, but I'm not kidding about it. Why? Because of I am tired of love. It's sick and playing with feelings. Well, some guy may be serious in their relationship. But, I am freaking confident that actually they're not as serious as you. Hah, sorry guys.
Do you know, something that are related to feelings, if it's a good thing, it will be as if you're in wonderland, it was so beautiful, you covered with so much happiness. But if it's a bad thing, it will be as if you're in hell, it was so sucks, you hurt like hell with so much hollow-ness and sadness.
And if they're not the one, you'll be regretted so much you can't even forgave yourself. Well, I do and I don't care about you.
To me, love is blind. Seriously blind. If you're in love, you can't see they're flaw. Either physically or mentally. Whatever they did, it will always right and cute? I guessed. You'll tend to say something that are good about them to yourself. Just to make yourself better. Even the obvious bad one. And you don't care if you sacrifice anything just to be happy with them. For example, you don't mind if you talked over the phone like for 2-3 hours just to hear they're voice while you actually got some test to study for tomorrow. You also don't mine to spend lots of money for your prepaid or postpaid bill as long as you're happy. Well, it's too many. You can list out yourself if you're understand.

I'm so sorry if you are actually in love or in a relationship now. But I am really no into love right now. I don;t know it'll last until when. And my bestfriend are so worried if I'll be so bitter about this. But, I want to be bitter. I'm sorry.


  1. talking to the phone for 3 hrs n dun mind bout the credit?err,naniey,,am i in love with u?hhaNNOOOTTT.ha

  2. you don't mind about your prepaid?haha.i'm so touched!but,we're bestfriends right?hehee.


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