Monday, February 21, 2011

Break’s over.

This is a long post. As I told you earlier, I was away because I’m having my 1-week mid semester break. Before I’m going home from campus, me and my best friend are having fun together at Sunway Pyramid. We rent a car from a friend, and drive there. It was crazy, I almost hit a car. Well, Selangor and KL drivers are crazy and impatient. It was quite scary. We watched The Green Hornet. Hell yeah, the movie are so awesome. It’s cool when you can create your own car according to whatever shit you want. Abu, i'm soo sorry for watching it first without you and Adam. Haha. Nevermind, I can watch it twice. The movie was awesome anyway. Hehe. Me and Huda also played the-killing-zombie-game arcade there. It’s fun because it was our first time playing this game together. 

Okay, when I reached home, I got to know that my dad had met a motorcycle accident. Why didn’t I get this news earlier? It’s because my mom said it wasn’t serious. My dad got a hand-phone-size-hole lesion on his leg. I was so worried-scary to watch he cleaned the lesion using the swab and some chemical. He is now terinjut-injut while walking. I am damn sad to see his difficulties :'(

What can I say about this holiday? It’s quite boring because my other siblings are going to school and work. And I become their driver. I just sit at home and watched TV and eat, eat, eat, and yes, eat. I did bring some note to so-called study during the holiday. And guessed what, I am so damn lazy to revise the lectures. Guessed I’m not 'pelajar cemerlang' enough to study and do some revision during the holiday.

I'm also did not learn how to cook like my other female friends. I am a Noob in cooking. Why? It’s because I don’t like to cook. I don’t hate it, I just don’t prefer. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m awkward in kitchen. For your information, I’m a big sis to my three sisters and a little brother.  Thus, I always have to make some food for them especially when my memmo's not around.

On last Thursday, I met a friend, Fahil. We’re having our midnight supper together. Why midnight? It’s so improper for a girl to go out in the middle of the night. Err, I don’t know, it’s a random plan anyway.
I watched TV all day during the holiday. I watched Glee 2. The duet episode, for like three-four times in a week. I watched iCarly, Fun Asia, Chowder, One Night: A Malaysian Wedding, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Nanny 911, Ugly Betty 6, How I Met Your Mother 5, Grey’s Anatomy 6, Raja Lawak 5, 53r Grammy Award, Lagenda Budak Setan, Hannah Montana Forever, Samseng Jalanan, Buletin Utama, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Spider-man and Hindustani’s movies for sure and so much more to list it down.

I also read something. The Malay novel that my sis borrowed from her school library. It's nice, but I only managed to read 3 chapters. Well, that was actually a success. Haha.

Every chapter has a different love story according to syara'. Which is cool.
This is my little brother.
Cheese tarts with strawberry and blueberry fillings made by my memmo.
In the bus, on the way to Shah Alam. Guess what, I slept in the bus,  when I woke up, I found myself at Shah Alam already and suddenly became pissed off.

Next modules after Oral Biology II are Musculoskeletal module and Cardiovascular module. This is Basic Medical Science, where the part that I sucks the most. God, this time I’ll try my best to study hard in more strategize way to success. Please, Allah. I want to show a shallow, typical, loser and particular guy out there, that I am not stupid as he thought. Besides, I’ll beat him one day.
Wish me luck, peeps.

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