Thursday, February 3, 2011

What the fuck!

Today, this afternoon, me and my friends went to KFC to buy something for dinner. Suddenly,
I remembered *you.
I was having a flashback.
I remembered our memories.
I was sad and almost cry.
I regretted.
I cursed.
That's it. No more falling in fucking love with something named 'guy'. I guessed, until forever? Seriously, I don't mind.

*referred to someone called 'no-more-in-nani's life'


  1. yeahh,dont mind. its proved he dont worth a chance. but hey,not like FOREVER . u'll actually meet the right guy soon . soon enuff if u keep that in mind :D

  2. haha.guessed i won't keep that in,there's no guy will appear in my life.not until i actually ready for them :)


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