Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I don't think I belong here. Again. We've just started the new module. Musculoskeletal module. It's only been for two days, and I am so freaking dizzy right now. Hell, it's interesting, but the people who're around me are so damn brilliant, clever and fast learner. Thus, I'm a lot of depressed.
Today, in my practical lab class, we're studying about the muscle of the arm, forearm and shoulder. Oh, don't forget the nerve supply and the blood supply too. We're looking at the corpse or cadaver or whatever junk, and trying to identify the muscles and the nerves. The lecturer was so diligent teaching and explaining to us. But, unfortunately, it works for them and not for me. I am so slow to pick up new things to register into my memory. Seriously, it was depressing. Like seriously, seriously. Sigh.
I think, my friends are easily annoyed at me now, because I kept asking the things that are actually clear, but I just need to repeat and confirm it over and over again, in order to register it into my brain. At today's class, it took me 20 minutes (which my friend only took 8 minutes) to memorize and point to the right part of this,
"Median nerve, supply to the biceps, then to the forearm and then to the thenar muscle through the carpal tunnel. The deformity of the median nerve is the ape hand. The ulnar nerve, supply to one and the half of the hand to hypothenar muscle. And the deformity of the ulnar nerve is the claw hand. The radial nerve, supply to the triceps and then to the extensor muscle of the hand. The deformity of the radial nerve is wrist down."
Okay, I am purposely write this down because I'm recalling it back. Maybe it's sounds very damn easy for you, but not for me. I'm not that genius.
After I'm having my difficulties of the day, me and my two friends planned a very very random plan. After we finished our class, we went to the nearest cinema, and watched Burlesque. With our baju kurung on!

Hoyeah, Christina Aguilera was so cute with those bangs that she had.

Look at the bangs an the curls!

The movie was musical. The songs are all quite good. Burlesque is a name of a strip club or night club, I'm not sure. The girls are all hot and sexayhh.

This is one of the example of their sexi-ness.

Hey! There was a special appearance of Dianna Agron. Appeared as Jack's fiancee, Natalie. Whoa! I'm so surprised. She's cute. Oh, Jack is super charming! And, after googling, I found out Jack is Cam Gigandet. Which who played the role James in Twilight. Hmm, no wonder he looked so familiar. Haha.

He worked as a bartender in a strip club. With the hat and eyeliner and tattoo. Phew!



  1. cam gigandet.he's in easy A too.btw,dude that scientific thing you wrote,i couldn't understand it at get this and register this in your're not slow and they're not're normal and they're freakin freaks.

  2. haha..thats exactly what i felt during my MSK module last sem..ak pun masih x master lg tajuk tu smpi skg.kna igt suma nerves tu sbb naty memudhkan kte utk diagnose org..t kna tp bg pdpt ak,utk kerja,kau kna fokus n knows by heart nerve muscle kt bhgn muka n leher sbb dentistry an?but 4 exam,,amek tau semua..hee:)

  3. lukisla kalau takpaham,,n aq jugak xpaham n ingin nak paham,hha,so ur damn strong sbb ade semangt nk hafall,hha


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