Sunday, February 27, 2011

Me went swimming!

My friends and I, went swimming just now. At UiTM's swimming complex. I studied here for almost 2 years, 1 for foundation and 1 for degree, and this was my first time came here. Well, it's swimming pool, not water fun fair. Thus, there was just a big cuboid that filled with water.
Guess what, it's quite fun. Playing around, float here and there, swallowing water, choking water, and recalling back my memory of learning how to swim for the last 11 years. I had been in swimming class in Standard 3. But, I didn't finished the class. I left it half way, due to some circumstances. Anyway, it took me one hour to completely memorize everything.
Well, basically I am happy. Heheh. I was away from studying for two hours. At least, i'm releasing my depression a bit. So, swimming really did help in releasing your stress.

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