Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm not free this weekend.

To Adam,
I can't join you to UKM. Well, I am desperately-want-to-go-so-badly. Remember the activity that I told you about, the social services to orphanage house. So, I'll go there. Andd, I got progress test on the next Tuesday. Thus I have to cover and study and prepare and........ x_x 

To Huda, 
I hope you'll have fun at your dinner. And where the dress that you'd bought and shawl that you borrowed from me. Snap lots of pictures and send me some.

To Abu,
I don't know whether you read this or not, but, I want to meet you too! Miss you, mann! But, I can't come to UKM. I'm sorry. I got things to do. 

To Anis Najihah,
I know you won't read this, but, I hope we can study and work our ass off for this becoming progress test.

I'm mad,

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  1. i will definitely wear those if i don't suddenly freak out that day.


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