Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stomach noise.

Have you ever think of the reasons, why did stomach growls when you're hungry? I did thought of the reasons, but I'm not sure whether it's true or not. And I also did ask my best friend, but he didn't response. I was so lazy to Google about this. Until, today, I woke up late this morning and obviously I was late to class. So, I don't have time to breakfast or even grab a sachet of biscuit. Oh, I even forgot to grab my watch and my purse! Pfffsh. When I reached the class, I sneaked into the class from the back door, and I sat next to Razil, who seated at the very last row. While I was busy catching up with the some part of the slides that I had missed, suddenly my stomach growls hard and loud. Darn the stomach! Then I was freaking embarrassed and I asked him, "Alamak, dengar tak?". He nodded while focusing on the lecture. And I continued with the shame that stroke me. After a while, then, I continued focus to the lecture back.
And it happened again for the whole one hour and the next hour too. I am so embarrassed with my stomach's behavior just now. Sigh.
Hahh! Here am I, googling why the stomach growls and rumbles when we're hungry. Briefly, it's because due to a normal digestion system. Which can also occur after eating or having meals. There are some hormone released to our stomach when we haven't eat for a while.
"Hunger feeling→ hormone-like substance released & brain send message to stomach and intestine→ muscle contraction→ released acids and digestive fluids→ rumblings and growlings occur."
I told you that I thought of something. Well, my answer is, digestion still happens. Maybe they digest the yesterday's food? I'm not sure But, I didn't think of the hormone thing.

P/S: Correct me if I'm wrong.
Razil, if you read this I am so sorry. And, I am so maluuu!

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  1. em,,sbb ko pk psl mkn ataupn conditioned reflex kut,cube kaitkn,lgpn ur stomach ade 2 phase,interdigestv n digestv,,so its still moving everytime exept during ko lari sbb sympathetic stim,hha.i hav a physio test esok,,GIT coverd gakk,so wish me luckk!


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