Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Memories for them.

Today, me and my siblings went to the mall to catch some movie. Titled, Rapunzel: Tangled. In 3D thats for sure. Its my first time watching movie in 3D. I know, I'm outdated. But whatever you say, I'm super happy! This is the first time for Maisara and Keyi to watch movie in cinema. They're so excited. Every minute they asked whether the movie has started or not. Haha. So cute.
While waiting for the movie to start, we're walking around the mall. Then, we stopped at Watsons. Keyi said, "Jangan masuk, jangan masuk!". I know its boring for kids like them to go in those kinds of shops. It makes me wonder, why when we're shopping with our parents, Keyi don't have the guts to say like that. Hmph.
Next, Keyi pointed at the arcade centre. Me and my big sis ignored him and said, "Tak best lah. Buang duit,". Then he started to make sad face and not holding my hand while we're walking anymore. I really don't know what this mean. I mean, Maisara can get over it. Maisara can take it if we're not taking her to the arcade centre.
Then, I ended this confusion with one conclusion, Keyi was the only boy and the last one in our siblings, we're all girls. We got the same similarities, we understand each other, we got the same commons and mentality. Thats why I don't quite understand what he wants actually. Haha. Pity him. After that, I've decided to take him to the arcade centre. To fulfill his childhood desires and let it be his memories. And want him to know, that he got the best sisters in the world :)
In the cinema, as I told you, we're watching Rapunzel, an animated movie. The movie was funny in the beginning, Keyi and Maisara were laughing out loud. Honestly, I was so happy to see them laugh and reach out their hand to touch the screen.
So, thats it. The memories of them. No pictures uploaded here, internet are slow and I'm lazy to wait. If you're interested to see their pictures, you can just look at my Facebook.

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