Thursday, December 23, 2010

Depression again.

I don't know whats the meaning of happy life anymore right now. I've done my thing, I never done anything attitudely wrong to people, I guessed. I accepted you just the way you are. And why the heck are you doing this to me?
Yes, mencarut is the most satisfaction thing to do when you're in depressed mode. Oh maybe I'm on menstruation period and emotionally unstable. But who cares about that anyway, its your attitude. Its too much.

I don't want to do anything. I'm not going to revenge or do whatever yucks. I'm just going to sit there silently. Continue doing my thing.
I believe in God. and I believed in karma too. Whatever hell you'd done to people, I'm sure you'll receive it somehow. What goes around, comes around, babe.

P/S: I know you hate me. Its obvious. But, I never hate you. I try to accept you in anyway.
You can leave me if you want to.


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