Friday, December 17, 2010

I am so into Indian!

Okay. Tke note, that I'm not into Indian guys. I'm into Indian apparel. To me, its freaking unique and beautiful. I am so liking it. I'm obsessed with it. But, I've been searching blogs and webs that are selling Indian tunics, skirts, shoes and slippers that accept Maybank, Bank Islam, CIMB. I found nothing! Its so dissapointing.

Indian tunics.
See, I told you its beautiful.

Indian skirts.
I can't resist!!

 Indian shoes.
Its beaded and unique.

Indian slippers.
Suitable to where at any occasions. I have to grab one!

Lastly, its salwar kameez.
Beautiful, gorgeous, simply love it a lot, a lot!

God, help me find one pleasee!

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