Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Legenda Budak Setan

This is the Malay movie that I also watched during the holidays. I honestly can’t understand why people can cry every time they watch this movie. The story was sad. It really was, because it’s the movie about the obstacles of their relationship.  I just can say that Ayu’s life had been so tragic! I can’t imagine if there are really people live their life like that.
Okay, firstly Ayu and her boyfriend were over-limit in their relationship. Which means, Ayu had lost her virginity before marriage.
Secondly, she didn’t like her boyfriend anymore because he cheated on her. And Ayu fell in love with ‘Budak Setan’ guy in her campus. Actually, she changed him to be a good guy, then she fell in love. Well that so sweet. I mean, no one’s capable to do that right?
Thirdly, Ayu’s mom got very sick and asked his ex-boyfriend to marry her while the ‘Budak Setan’ are away to do some research for a year. So, she had to do it in order to fulfill her mom’s desire before she dies. Which means, she’s not even happy with her marriage with her ex-boyfriend.
Fourthly, she missed ‘Budak Setan’ a lot until it made her husband annoyed and gets angry. And she was beaten up by her own husband. Unfortunately, she got a kaki pukul husband.
 Fifthly, she got too disappointed with him which made her to drive to nowhere until she met an accident. Typical, I know. So, she had to do a plastic surgery in order to get her face back and she asked to do a different one from her original face with a very stupid reason. And yeah, her so-called rejuvenation made her to divorce her husband and lead a normal life as a beautiful and successfully widow. Luckily, she found the ‘Budak Setan’ back and continued their long lost love together. And luckily, the guy can accept her different face. Heh.
Sixthly, her ex-husband came back into her life, begging and apologizing  but  Ayu don’t want her life to repeat like previously and she speak out her rights. Ayu yelled at her ex-husband, then he got mad which made him to beat Ayu for the second time. And this time, she’s not driving to nowhere, but she fell down and her head hit the vase. Guess what? She lost her memories completely. But, lucky her, ‘Budak Setan’ were still loyal and love her eventhough she lost her memories. Then, they got married.
Seventhly, Ayu was pregnant. While laboring the baby, unfortunate happens. She died. Yes, Ayu was dead. That’s the end of the story. The tragic life of a girl named Ayu.
Very sad and tragic but not enough to make me cry. Oh well. Its just a movie anyway. But, pity ‘Budak Setan’.

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