Monday, December 27, 2010

Dedicate to you!

Biar ku lihat, setiap kali,
engkau sinar bagai matahari.
mencerahi segalanya.

Biar pun, buta, aku masih,
akan tetap selalu menyayangi,
tiada rintangan yang bisa menghapuskan,
cintaaaaaaaa ku.

I didn't know whether the lyrics I wrote are correct or not. But, I just want to tell you, that I really really addicted and obsessed to this song. Its by third Singapore Idol, Sezairi Sezali.

This is him. Cute, right? Hehe.

Okay, I want to dedicate this song for those who felt they're special. To me especially :))

Anyway, I told you about my obsession about the Indian clothing in my older post. I found one profile or page, or whatever, that sell this Indian tunics, salwar kameez and sarees. It accepts Maybank.
But, the price. Whoa! Super expensive. The most cheapest are RM 150. Well, to me its expensive. I don't know if to you, and whatever it is, I think I'll buy one. At least one.


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