Monday, November 29, 2010

Being a tutor for SPM student.

Okay, this was like a task has been given to me from Adam. There's this one girl who are taking her SPM examination this year. He asked Adam to help her in preparation for Physics and Chemistry. But unfortunately, Adam haven't finished his finals. He's still away from JB. Then, I don't know what has got into his mind, he straight away ask me to replace his place.
Come on, people. Do you really think I'm capable in doing this? Its Physics and Chemistry, dude. I'm ok if its Additional Mathematics or Biology. Nevermind, I can try my best. I looked at the positive side, there's must be reason that I'm the 'chosen' one to replace Adam's place. I think Adam got faith and trust in me. Bhahaha.
I've decided that I'm going to revise all the topics that she wants to discuss. But all of my books, I gave my sister to use it. Sigh.
So, last Sunday, I went to TIJB for this tutorial thing. I met her there. She's insider. I bring myself, phone and purse. No books and notes. What the hell. Macam lah pandai sangat. Luckily, she's Teha's friend. And coincidently, my primary school junior. So, its not awkward to talk and teach her and yeah she brings her friend along. Alhamdulillah, I'm not making fool of myself in front of them. Eventhough I'm not clever and excellent as Adam but at least, I helped them a bit.
And this coming Wednesday, I'll teach them Physics again. But this time, I've prepared something. Which was good though :)


  1. nanie!!!
    gud luck..
    u'll be a good tutor

  2. hohh. patot la arituu ko tny aku heh ade smpn lg x refrence book physics n chem. soryy. chemy pnye je aku smpn sbb aku mnt., hehe. tu pon ade kat s.alam. huhu.


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