Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Go Mi Nam

Who the heck is Go Mi Nam? She’s the main role in Korean drama You’re Beautiful. Its quite popular during 2009. I just watched it during the holidays. Well, the point was, I hate Go Mi Nam’s characteristics. Like, she’s very damn lucky to live in a house with three cool guys. She had to be a guy to replace her twin brother in a band for a month. And all of them are falling for her. To me right, she’s done nothing to them, I mean, she’s not kind-hearted enough to make them crazy over her. She’s not that pretty, goddess and gorgeous. But, she’s cute somehow. Still, there are not enough evidence to make them fall in love with Go Mi Nam. And she’s pretending to be a guy is so not real. Her voice is so girlish. Very soft, cover her mouth while laughing. Come on, you’re pretending to be a guy, can you at least try to make a guy’s voice while you’re talking? How come the guys can’t even recognize Go Mi Nam is a girl? Haha. This is so funny. Yeah, one thing I hate about Go Mi Nam’s character is, she is so gedik. The way she walks to approach someone are so yucks. The way she made her ‘cute’ face. Urgh. It made me sick. Haha. I’m sorry, Go Mi Nam. I just hate you so much. She also just so dumb to follow whatever the evil Yoo He Yi ask her to do, but luckily her unfortunates are all covered and helped by the three cool guys. In short, she’s like Bawang putih in Indonesian drama, Bawang Putih dan Bawang Merah. So slow and so-called nice.  And why does the three guys like her so much? They got tones of fans, they can even pick one randomly. Better, real and prettier than Go Mi Nam. But one thing I like about Go Mi Nam are her haircut, her cool style, her spectacles were all cool and stylish. Her face with that kind of haircut, remind me of Eun Chan in Coffee Prince.
Well, I am so sorry for Go Mi Nam’s lovers out there. This is what you do while watching drama or movie. You tend to comment and complaint about the storyline, the characters, and many more. This is what I commented about the character of Go Mi Nam. Anyway, don’t take it too hard, people. This was just a drama J And this is just me who loves to condemn people.
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    1. dude who are you? haha i love you too. haha.

  2. I know this post is old, but hey, I'll comment anyway :D
    I'm watching You're Beautiful now (I 'm in episode 12) and I'm starting to hate Go Mi Nam too :D I know she wanted to become a nun, but geesh, how can a person be so stupid to not understand Shin Woo likes her and Hwang Tae Kyung doesn't that much? If I were her, I would've gotten together with Shin Woo a long time ago - he's caring, going out of his mind to help her, writing her a song, all the dates.... It just irritates me how stupid Go Mi Nam is. If I were like that in real life, people would laugh at me not be nice like that. I mean, why is it that these girls from dramas like the bad guys and are ignorant to the good ones? It's not fair. I fel really sorry for Shin Woo.
    Maybe it's just me, but hey, at least now I know I'm not the only one who somewhat hates her. :D I'll just go ahead and watch Heartstrings where the actors of Go Mi Nam and Shin Woo actually get together :D


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