Friday, December 17, 2010

My activites during holidays.

Oh, I'm so sorry for not updating you with my stuffs during the holidays. No internet access at home. So, I have to save it all and tell you now. I'd started my second semester on last Monday.
So, during the holidays....
I'm being a tutor for Farhana Nazri and her friend for their SPM preparation.
I'm watching TV.
I'm playing and fooling around with my siblings.
Me and my family went to the daughter  of my dad's friend wedding.
The driver to my adik and mom.
Collecting tooth to four dental clinics near my house.
Visitting friends at my old work place: KFC.
Bring my siblings to watch Rapunzel: 3D.

At the wedding.

Me and Maisarah camwhoring.

In the toilet. Camwhoring!

Well. I guessed thats all. My holidays were only two weeks. So, not all my plans are fulfilled. Actually, I want to go to the swimming complex, hangout with some friends, camwhoring. But unfortunately, I have to start my second semester before they got back to JB.

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