Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Facebook status.

It's damn funny when you get to read your status during the 2010. Here's the link, if you're interested to read mine :))
So, after I read my status-es, I saw a lot of depression mode status. I was like, "What thaaa???". Am I that frequently depressed? It looks like I'm not enjoying life at all. Haha.
But, what do you expect anyway. I'm not the kind that keeping your feelings inside, then burst out of nowhere. During 2010, I've gone too many i don't know, obstacles of life maybe? Start a new life in dental courses, adaptation with it, with new friends. Depression with broke-ups, with new friends. Heartbreaks. Whatever.

In  January-March of 2010, I started my second semester of foundation.
April-June 2010, I've done part-time work at KFC. Which was freaking exhausted, no life and left me bad memories. (Darn *YOU)
*refers to a particular person. 
July-November 2010, I started my first semester degree. Honestly, I felt like it was just yesterday, I registered my name.
December 2010, here it goes. Second semester of my first year of dentistry.

It's like just a glimpse, and I'm in second semester already. Fast eh? I hope 5 years are not as long as it sounds.
Okay, I don't have any idea who are reading this, but if you do, thanks a lot. And if you do, but you're complaining about what I've posted, gotohell. Its my blog anyway.

Terima Kasih, peeps:)

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