Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let the pictures do the talk :D

Oh, let's play a game! Spot two similarities that these girls had, that I want the most :D

All pictures got from Google.

Bet what you're guessing is RIGHT!
I want beautiful long hair oh hair and clear flawless face. Oh, another one, is nice and slim figure.


  1. long hair and flawless skin! I guessed it before I reached the bottom of the post! *tak tipuuu. hahaha XD

  2. go do new york skincare and a hair extension then.hha

  3. woi, miley's hair so awesome! i can post pics of her hair that can make you chew your own hair. hahaha. and miley's just awesome. with all that 'i'm me i don't give a shit' attitude.

  4. hudaXD: wahhh.i believe you,don't worry.hahhaha.oh,you read my mind!jyeaaah!100 points for youu:)

    adam: haha.if only i'm a billionaire.go to dermatologist,scrap my current skin and wait for a new skin to develop.haha.eiuw,sounds gross though.

    hudasayaang: oh,don't do that.or else,i'll be chewing my hair then suddenly,baldy already :O


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