Wednesday, June 15, 2011

God, give me strength!

Peeps, no need to read.
This post is just about me being so lazy and the story of my first time baking baby cupcakes.

Me being lazy
I got some work to do. Do a pathology short note on title Pigmentation and Calcification. Yeap, I told you before. The good thing was, I started already. It's almost half way to accomplish 'em. Yet, because of I am so lazy to think of ways how to make the short note looks interesting, well-organized, neat and also, I am so lazy to construct the sentences, so that people can understand very quickly. And, the due date is this Friday! (Rebecca Black's Friday playing

My first time baking baby cupcakes
I got the recipe from I followed the recipe 100%. Oh, I made Vanilla Cupcakes. Interestingly, it really success. As in, the appearance, so cute, ala DC Cupcakes. (laughs bimbotically) How does it taste? Without frosting, it's okay and a bit firm/hard. Maybe because it's over-baked. It doesn't taste GREAT, nor awesome, nor gruesome, nor yuck. It's just okay. Yet, with frosting, it tastes a bit weird. My sis said the taste of butter was so 'strong'. But, someone said my cupcake made him felt like he want to puke. (-.-!!!) He said my cupcake taste like curry and laksa. (?) Once I heard that coming from his oral cavity, suddenly I got cardiac arrest. It felt like there's someone who shot me using a rifle straight to my heart. (Overthetop) I was so mad, sad, fret, and flat. Back then, I felt like I won't bake anymore until I die. My interest in baking was dropping down so furiously.
Once I got home, I taste the cupcakes again. And flashing back, what did I put in and what did I do until the flavour became savoury? I did asked my mom and dad. They said, it was okay. In fact, they said my cupcake was delicious for first-timer. Well, they are my old folks, they just won't let me down :') So, I did put butter, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, zest of lemon, and milk. For the frosting, butter, icing sugar, vanilla and  milk.

And I came out with possibilities why he said he want to puke, why does it taste so savoury:
#1 mixed the buttercream frosting in my mom's small container. The container which my mom usually use to cook any savoury dishes.
#2 The green colouring that I put into the frosting mixture, is causing my frosting taste like laksa. Why? Because it's in the form of solid (powder) and it's cheap, and the green colouring isn't for baking. Because, another frosting (I divided into two portions), when I mixed it with mango flavour, it taste awesome.
#3 Before I put my cupcakes into a container (to give it to him), it was previously had put some laksa or curry in it. So, the smell is stucked in the container.
#4 The lemon zest was tooo many, and affect the taste of my cupcakes.

My dad once said, practice makes perfect. Learn from mistakes.
PS: Oh come on, it's Nani's made, not Secret Recipe.


  1. hahah nany,, i think ur friend is trying to say tht ur cupcake is good.. disebabkan ade sikit FLAWS so dia komplain y tu.. hahha GUYS. tunjuk macho dia je...^_^

  2. hahahahaha. alaaaa, i didnt get to taste it. that specific cupcake needs justice! XD

  3. zuffy: well,no comment.haha.maybe it was seriously,tak sedap,to his taste bud.who knows,right?:D

    hudaXD: yeah,penat jek bawak.tapi it's taste like,err,wait,finding the right word,uh,tak sedap.yes,tak sedap!haha.susah nak mengaku.hahaha.


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