Monday, June 20, 2011

Maharaja Lawak (ML) Live di JB

It's kinda phenomenon nowadays, don't you think? Before that, let me shortly brief to you, what the heck is Maharaja Lawak. It's a reality-competition-show which the participants are the winners from the Raja Lawak at all seasons. So the champions compete in one show called Maharaja Lawak. It's kinda my favourite TV show. Some of my friends can't believe I watched this show. Harr, I don't know why, though. If you ever heard of some catchphrases like, "Mail Lambong, Rozie Tiger, Zamri Rockers, Boleh tuju lagu?, Dafi baik punyeer, blahs more", yes, those are all came from this show.

Before we go to the stadium, we went to a fast food restaurant to take away some food and ready to 'berkampung' in the stadium later. Haha. And guess who we saw? Tomok One In A million winner. I was like, 'Eh, muka dia macam Tomok', then my friend said, 'Betul-betul Tomok lah!'. Then, another friends said, 'Eh, jom kita konon-konon ambil gambar, tapi kita ambil gambar dia sebenarnya!'. Then, my girlfriends were excitedly pose and pretending snap some pictures. -___-" I was told that Tomok was in JB because outside of the mall, there will be an event held by Hot Fm which is Hot Fm Big Jam.

Let me tell you about the story of free passes to watch ML. In order to enter the stadium, people must go and take the free passes at day time. Yes, my friend did go there and line up for free passes. No, I'm not there. I asked my friend to take it for me. As I've been told, there're SO MANY people lining up for the passes, riots were started to develop due to so damn long line. My friend, lined up for two hours and the tickets are finished. It must be very frustrating. But, they planned to just go there at night and gamble if there're seats available.

As we arrived there, I saw the roads were packed and all the vehicles became very impatient. The driver, Anis, was honked too many times. We were almost hit by a car, and a BIG lorry/trailer. Grateful to God, Alhamdulillah, we're still alive :)

Well, as you've been told that we don't have the tickets, and just plan to gamble and hopefully there's seats available. Wait, once we arrived, I can see people were lining up long enough to make people who didn't have tickets to give up and ended up loitering somewhere else. But, we decided to check out on what's going on, and is there any secret door that we can sneaked in to. There was, again, almost-riot. People  who got the free passes but still cannot enter, of course they'd became furious and rebellious towards the guards.

Half of us gave up already and decide to lepak and go eat-eat at Stulang. But, me and Fathin haven't give up yet. Why? Because, first, every Friday me and family never missed this show, second, I just got this feelings that we can enter the stadium somehow, third, this is it how we supposed to spend time with on that day, watching ML live, I mean, this is what we planned. So, we checked out again on the other side of the door, and suddenly there's a secret door! Hahha, not literally secret, it was suddenly opened and people rushing, including us, went following the flow and yes, we entered the stadium, there's spotlight, I felt the air-conditioner, I saw the ML stage, and hell yeah, we succeed to go there without some bloody tickets! :D

Then, we searched for the seats, yes there were seats available, but it's not at the center, it was at the lateral side of the stadium. My seat can only see half of the stage. But, who cares, there's screen. Haha. I saw the host, the tall AC Mizal, and I saw the participants. The whole stadium went crazy and screams their lungs out, supporting for their favourite group. I was too, screaming, but two bitches who sat in front of me, kept closing their ear-hole because of my high-pitched voice's screaming. Hey bitch, everyone in the stadium screams, and you're watching a road-tour-concert-of ML, of course it's associated with tonnes of screaming people. I mean, if they want to watch it peacefully, come I suggest you something, you watched ML on Youtube at a funeral. Pfft.

Andd the show started, the spotlight were awesome, yet the sound system wasn't good. I can't hear what they're talking, clearly. But, we screamed XD Naah, I can watch it again on it's repetition at Astro Warna.

Haha, seriously, we ain't that kemaroks to watch ML live. I even prefer watching it on TV, at home, more clearer sound, more clearer view, I can even lie down while watching em and go pooping while advertisement. But, me and girlfriends just want the feel of rushing to enter the stadium, watching it LIVE, together, laughing and screaming together, berkampung eating McDonald together in the stadium while the kid besides us watching us eating french fries without lending him some, camwhoring before went back home, yes, I want memories that can be jotted down like this. Although it wasn't as awesome as go on a vacation somewhere with them, but this can be something nostalgic in future, though :)

Er, JB-ians are too supportive for this kinda thinng?

PS: Ya, saya recycle baju saya over and over again. Saya bukan fashionista pun.

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